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Lash Extension Styles to Suit Different Eye Shapes

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lash extension styles


Are you seeking lash extensions to add much volume to your natural lashes, making your lashes look much fluffy?

Lash extensions are different from lash strips, they can give you super natural eyelashes like your real lashes.

Here are various lash extension styles for your selection. Do you some help to get more inspiration about lash extension style selection?

I am going to share with you different lash extension styles. 

What Are Lash Extensions?

what are lash extensions
what are lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are different from strip lashes, and they are made of silk, mink, or lightweight synthetic fur material, and these lashes are applied directly on natural lashes.

The lash extensions are applied by a professional lash artist, using the semi-permanent lash adhesive lash glue to stick the lash extensions directly to your real lashes, to mimic the natural lash growth.

Mostly, lash extensions are applied to the lash line, and they can be applied in clusters, fans, or individually. You have to do the allergy test to see if you would get allergic reactions if you are the first time lash extensions in a beauty salon.

Compared with traditional strip lashes, you have to consider many factors before you can get your desired look.

Lash Extension Styles for Different Eye Shapes

eyelash extension styles different eye shapes
eyelash extension styles for different eye shapes

Wearing lash extensions can enhance your eye shapes to look much better than they really are, here are different lash extension styles to suit different eye shapes.

Eyelash extensions can make your natural lashes look completely dramatic and fluffy, and you can choose any style of lash extensions to achieve the lash styles you desire.

Here are some most popular lash extension styles for your selection, including round, doll, natural, cluster, cat, squirrel and etc.

From natural styles to dramatic styles, these lash extension styles can help you achieve your desired eye makeup with different feelings. You can choose the most suitable eyelash extension styles based on the fullness and drama.

Here are many different types of lash extensions in the lash market, and you also know that there are different lash extension styles in the different lash salons. Also, you know some popular lash extension names too.

What Determine Lash Extension Styles

4 different aspects can determine a lash extension style:


This is the first aspect that a client will consider seriously before doing lash extensions in the beauty salon. Natural lash extensions are much shorter than dramatic lash extensions.


Then clients also care about the lash curls, and you can provide a professional lash extension curl chart for them to choose from. And lash extension curls can be a little different in different salons, but the the tendency is same. Natural lashes are designed with small curls, not that curly, but much flat for daily life.


This is also one of the most important factors that you can choose to determine your full lash extension styles. As for the flat lashes, the root is designed with a flat base, rather than a round base like other classic or volume lash extensions. Compared with classic lash extensions, flat lash extensions can be exposed to lash glue due to their physical advantage. Bigger contact area to be glued to give much retention to make your lash extensions much more durable.


Finally, the color also matters the most, which can give a unique feeling about the lash extension appearance. Natural lash extensions can be applied widely for any occasion, including home or business.

And also you can choose some colored lash extensions to experience something new and fashionable for some special events. For example, you can try on some glitter lash extensions for a dancing party, banquet, Christmas holiday celebration and etc. The glitter lash extensions or other colorful lash extensions are much more attractive to make you stand out.

How to Choose Lash Extension Style for Your Eye Shape?

Before selecting the proper lash extension styles for your own, here are some factors that you can consider seriously.

  • ⭐️ Lash extension curvature
  • ⭐️ Lash extension length
  • ⭐️ Lash extension volume
  • ⭐️ Lash extension styles (classic vs hybrid vs volume lash extensions)
  • ⭐️ Match your eye shape
  • ⭐️ Match your face shape
  • ⭐️ Suitable for your lifestyle

If you keep these factors in your mind, you will get a clue about how to choose the proper lash styles for your stylish makeup.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you are not clear about what eyelash extension styles you can apply to adjust your eye shape.

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