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Types of Lash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide to Lash Extension Types

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types of lash extensions


The lash extension is the lash booster that can make your lashes look fluffier, natural and more dramatic, and here are several types of lash extensions in the market, and this is the ultimate guide to the lash extension types.

Loose Lash Fans

loose lash fans
loose lash fans

The loose lash fans, also named promade loose fans, and these are hand-made hair extensions for lash artists working in the lash salons.

The promade lash fans are much easier for you to use, only need a tweezer to pick up some lashes, and dip them in the lash glue, then apply lashes loose lash fans glued at the root to your real lashes.

The promade lash fans are designed with the loose lash base, and you guys can enjoy the pleasure of DIY lash look at home, without needing any others’ help who are the professional lash artists.

You can practice to apply the loose lash fans to create a stunningly natural lash effect using the proper tweezer, and you can fill out the gap of your real lashes, to make your lashes become much fluffier, and thicker.

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