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HeyMe Lashes, as a leading eyelash manufacturer in China, best lash extension supplies, we can supply the top-rated eyelash extensions to help your lash business. You can get wholesale eyelash extensions, at competitive prices.

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HeyMe Lashes is always support your local lash business, to give you the best lash solutions.

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You can get better eyelash extensions at lower prices, to reduce your cost of importing lashes.

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HeyMe Lashes is the leading lash extension manufacturer based in China, having a lash extension supply chain. And we are in the lash industry for 20+ years, with rich experience to work out the top-rated lash extensions.  

From the raw material source to the lash extension manufacturing process, we are treating each step of making lash extensions. So we are confident in our lash extension quality.  

We can supply all lash extensions, varied in different lengths, curls, thicknesses, etc. With innovation, we can grow to be the leading lash company, to deliver you the best lash extension wholesale. 

Please be happy to save us as your next eyelash extension supplier if you are the lash artist, makeup addict & artist, or local lash business owner. We feel pleasure to give you the most qualified eyelash extensions and the best lash business solutions. 

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Get Top-rated Lash Extensions

HeyMe Lashes, as a leading eyelash manufacturer in China, we can supply the top-rated eyelash extensions to help your lash business. You can get wholesale eyelash extensions, at competitive prices.

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Are you still looking for the lash extensions and supplies for your lash market? We are one of the best lash extension supplies, to supply all lash extensions qualified. We can help you get the premium lash extensions in bulk with a lower budget. We have the well-stocked warehouse to ensure the lash extension supplies for the long-term cooperation. With full range of lash extensions, you can get classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume and many others types of lash extensions.

Top Picked Lash Extension Types

Premium Lash Extension

Premium lash extensions are our top-rated eyelash extensions, made of premium synthetic fiber hair. Strict raw material resource can ensure the quality.

Easy Fan Lash Extension

Easy fan lash extensions are made with multiple layers of individual lashes attached by a tiny amount of lash adhesive.

Premade Lash Fans

The premade volume lash fan is a group of 2 to 8 lashes that have been glued or heat bonded together at the lash base, looking like a fan.

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Elizabeth Sofia Lash Technician

I am a lash technician, doing lash extensions for my clients in the beauty salon. Last month, I placed an order from here, looks nice.Order again to get more!

Amelia Mia MUA

Love how gorgeous these lashes look on. They apply so nicely and feel really lightweight on. It’s very comfortable to wear - they’re great!

Charlie Cooper Lash Artist

I loved the eyelashes, I finally found a eyelash that fits my eye, definitely will be purchasing again!

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    eyelash extension

    Compared with the traditional strip false lashes, lash extensions are the cosmetic applications that can help you enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Lash extensions are the alternative lashes to help you get longer lashes than they really are, lash extensions can stay on your eyes for a long time, up to several weeks.

    Lash extensions can be made of different materials, including mink fur, silk fiber, synthetic, human hair, etc. It’s flexible for you to choose your favorite material to make lash extensions. Mink lash extensions are the most expensive, due to real mink hair’s excellent 3D effect, and mink lash extensions can be designed with a stable lash structure, bonded on the black cotton band. Mink lash extensions can help you achieve a very curly and natural lash look than any other type. Synthetic fiber lashes are the most popular, you can spend less to get charming eye makeup look, and synthetic lashes are much cheaper than real mink eyelash extensions.

    Lash extension application is much more difficult, compared with strip lashes. You need to use the adhesive to apply lash extensions to the natural lash 1-2 mm from the root of your natural lashes. And you need to find experienced lash artist in a beauty salon to do lash extension application for you!

    Here, we have various types of lash extensions for your selection, including premium lash extension, easy fan eyelash extension, Ellipse eyelash extension, premade volume lash fans and colored lash extensions.

    We support 24/7 online service, welcome to send us your requirements to get FREE lash samples, and join us together to start your lash business. Fill in the contact form below to get quick response within 2 hours!

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