Classic VS Hybrid VS Volume Lash Extensions: Which Are Yours?

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When it comes to the lash extension, you never ever miss the classic vs hybrid vs volume lash extensions. This is the comprehensive guide to the classic vs hybrid vs volume lash extensions.

This guide to the differences among class lashes, hybrid lashes, and volume lashes can help you a lot if you are still confused about these lash extensions.

Let’s dive into these three types of lash extensions.

What Are Classic Lash Extensions?

classic lash extensions
classic lash extensions

This is the most basic, and more natural-looking lash extension that you can try to improve your natural lashes to the next level.

Classic lashes can add some length and thickness to your natural lashes, this is the cheapest and fastest style for you to get into the lash extensions if you were a lash beginner.

Also, the application of classic lashes is the easiest, only adhere one lash to one natural lash. Classic eyelash extensions can lengthen your original lashes to become much longer and make them thicker at the same time.

What Are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid lashes are the most popular lash styles you have to know about, you can consider this style of lash extensions if you are willing to try on semi-permanent false lashes to boost your natural lashes to look much more beautiful.

The hybrid lashes can stand in the middle of the classic lashes and volume lashes, and this type of lash extension can give you a complexion.

The hybrid lashes can be made out of a mix of classic lashes and volume lashes, the professional lash stylist can mix the classic lash extensions with the proper volume to give you a charming lash look.

It is a little difficult to make a balance, and there is no exact answer to tell how much volume can be added to the class also extensions. So hybrid lash extension application requires higher level technology for an experienced lash artist in the lash salon.

Not too basic, not too dramatic, hybrid lashes are magic to achieve a stunningly charming lash look that nobody can copy the look the same as yours.

The famous celebrity Kim Kardashian and other celebrities love this lash extension style so much.

What Are Volume Lash Extensions?

volume lashes extensions

Volume lash extensions can add extra volume to your lash look as the name says. This is the best option for you if you are looking for dramatic lashes.

Compared with the classic lashes 1:1 ratio, volume lashes are designed with a 1:3 ratio or 1:5 ratio to achieve dramatic fluffiness. This means that you may get 3, 4, or 5 lashes applied to your natural lashes. More lashes will make your full lash set more dramatic, and fluffier.

How dramatic you want can determine how many lashes can be applied to your original lashes. More lashes can be applied if you have strong natural lashes, to afford the false lash fans.

The ratio for the lash extensions can be defined as the lash dimensions. For example, the 1:5 ratio is also known as the 5D volume eyelash extension. and same thing with 3D, 4D, 6D, 7D…

You can choose the lash extension dimension before your lash extension application in the lash salon. 4D, 5D, 6D, 6D, 7D, and even more, are for very dramatic lash effects. There might be some salons where you can find 10D volume lash extensions.

What Is the Difference Between Classic and Hybrid Lash Extensions

classic vs volume lash extensions

Classic lashes are applied individually on a 1:1 ratio, which means a lash fan is applied to a single natural lash. The classic eyelash extension is the easiest method for you to get lash extensions applied to add much length to your natural lashes. And this is the best option for lash extension beginners. Classic lashes are the go-to choice if you are looking for natural lashes.

You can see volume lash extensions are much thicker, compared with classic lash extensions, you will get a darker lash look using volume lash extensions. Classic lash extensions are supernatural, and lightweight, without a “fake” look, suitable for your daily lash routine, also business hours.

What Are the Differences Between Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lash Extensions?

I do believe that you know about the classic, hybrid, and volume lashes basically, and what are the differences? Here are some tips that you can remember for you to distinguish them.

classic hybrid and volume lashes

Most Natural – Classic Lash Extensions

You can recommend classic lash extensions to your clients if they prefer the natural lash effect because the classic lash extension is the most basic form for lash extension applications.

Classic lash extensions are much closer to your natural lashes, you can expect more length and volume to make your natural lashes look more beautiful.

Classic lash extension is the best option if you only want to have longer lashes, without adding too much volume. After a classic lash extension application, your eyes can look much brighter and bigger, this is the best solution for your daily makeup routine.

Mix Type – Hybrid Lashes

You can choose the hybrid lashes if you want natural lashes, but boost your natural lashes to become special. You can try the hybrid lash extension ratio, 30% classic lashes and 70% volume lashes can achieve a perfect hybrid lash look for you. This is the trending hybrid lash extension ratio to achieve the perfect lash look.

You can try different styles to create your desired lash look, hybrid lashes are mixed with classic lashes and volume lashes so that you can get longer lashes added with the proper texture or volume to make your eyelashes charming.

Hybrid lash application is much more difficult than classic lashes, so, please find a trustworthy and experienced lash artist to help you finish the perfect hybrid lash application.

Totally, hybrid lashes can ensure the perfect length you want, and also the perfect texture at the same time. But the hybrid lashes are not bold like the Russian lashes.

Most Dramatic – Volume Lashes

To be honest, the volume lashes are very beautiful, and you can see that your lashes have a big change between before and after your volume lash extensions.

2D and 3D volume lashes are much more natural if you prefer a slightly dramatic effect using the volume lash extensions. 4D and 5D volume lash extensions can wow your friends and besties if you want an inspiring lash look.

By the way, the volume lash extension application is much more complicated than the classic lash extensions, and also much more expensive. So you can make a balance between the lash styles you want and the cost of your budget.

Which Lash Extension Is Better?

Different people have different answers about this point, and that depends on you.

Classic lash extensions are the cheapest, most natural, but not that surprising like volume lash extensions. You can choose the classic lash extensions for your school days or daily life because they are natural, and not attractive to the audience. It’s the best plan if you are still a student with a low budget.

And you can choose the volume lashes if you find your natural lashes fall out to leave more gaps between your lashes, the hybrid lashes and volume lashes can fill the gaps perfectly to achieve a very beautiful lash effect for you. Hybrid lashes and classic lashes can satisfy your requirement well if you work at a business office; and volume lashes can suit you well if you are willing to attend a special event, such as a singing party, banquet, etc.

No matter what lashes you like, you can try one time to know which styles can suit your personality and need perfectly.

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