Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes?

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Have you tried the lash extensions to enhance your lash effect, to become much longer or much fluffier? So do lash extensions damage your lashes?

Lash Extensions Are Magic

Compared with the traditional strip lashes, the lash extension is the semi-permanent method to boost your real lashes to look much fluffier, thicker, and longer. You can achieve a stunning lash effect without needing to apply false lashes every day.

The lash extensions can stay on your lashes for a very long time, up to weeks even months if with proper care. You will get a lot of pleasure from having lash extensions done to enjoy a beautiful lash style.

Why Choose Lash Extensions?

Here are some advantages of lash extensions that lash strips don’t have:

Save Time

You can get the semi-permanent lash style after a one-time lash extension application so that you don’t need to spend time applying false lashes every day. You can leave much more time to enjoy a good morning, also don’t need to remove false lashes either before your bedtime. So lash extension is the secret weapon to save a lot of time spent in your dresser for daily makeup looks.

Not only will eyelash extensions help you look much more put together when you roll out of bed, but they can also save you lots of time. If you wear mascara and eyeliner almost every day, eyelash extensions will save you tons of time spent in front of a mirror.

Together with Natural Lash

Lash extensions are bonded with your real lashes together, so they are much more deep-set tight without falling-out problems. So that you don’t need to worry about the issue of your lashes falling out from your lash line if you want to go swimming, or do something that may disturb your false lashes.

Each lash extension spike is bonded firmly using the proper lash glue to make them attach well with your real lashes, so lash extensions are preferred by clients who like semi-permanent lashes.

So lash extensions are also popular in the lash industry, and you can import the trending lash extensions to start your lash business, you can recommend your lash extensions to people who is the lash artist, or own a lash bar or lash salon.

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes

Do lash extensions ruin your lashes? Of course not.

Safe Raw Materials

Most lash extensions are made of silk fiber, and Korean PBT, and also some are made of faux mink hair, also of these materials are healthy and safe. So lash extensions can’t bring anything that will hurt your lashes. So lash extensions are safe.

And lash extensions are applied to your real lashes, without any touch to your skin, and lash extensions can fall out with your natural lashes fall out due to the natural lash growth cycle. The lash extensions will fall off once they have reached the maximum length that your real lashes can’t afford.

  • Mink
  • Silk fiber
  • Synthetic materials
  • Korean PBT

All of these materials for making lash extensions are trending in the lash market, and as lash extension manufacturer, we are aiming to mimic the natural lashes’ look and effect. Raw material can determine the quality of the lash extensions from the root.

Healthy Lash Glue

The lash extensions are glued to your real lashes, so it is basically important to choose healthy lash glue, without any hazardous substance. We have lash glue, lash bonder or other related lash application cosmetics that are made of healthy substances.

The lash adhesive glue for lash extension application is safe and cruelty-free, and the formula is gentle and healthy for people to use.

BUT, please do the allergy test to be 100% sure that you can apply for the lash extensions.

Common Mistakes Ruin Your Lashes

The lash extension application is much more complicated than any other false lash, so here are some common mistakes you need to avoid if you are willing to have lash extensions.

Not Too Heavy

It’s flexible for you to achieve your desired lash look, with different thicknesses and lengths. But, please don’t make your lash extensions too heavy for your real lashes to afford.

Too heavy lash extensions can cause overweight to increase the burden on your real lashes, and lash extensions will fall out easily, and also result in your natural lash falling out too. This will hurt your natural lash growth cycle, so please choose the proper lash extensions with the proper weight.

Glue Applied to Your Skin

Please be serious about the lash extension application, and the inexperienced lash artist could apply the lash extension glue to the skin of your lash line to cause the allergy.

The lash extensions should be applied to your natural lashes only, never to your skin. This is essentially important to ensure you can get lash extensions applied safely. The proper lash glue can avoid skin irritation and keep you away from potential lash extension damage.

Experience Lash Artist

It is basically important to find an experienced lash artist to do the lash extensions for you. Advanced skills are needed for becoming an experienced lash artist.

Don’t do it yourself at home, because the lash extension application is awfully more complicated than the regular false lashes. You have to find a professional lash artist to help you achieve your lash extension full set, to get your desired lash beauty.

Tips to Protect Lash Extensions

Here are some tips useful that can help you protect your lash extensions safely, without falling out from your lashes.

  • Don’t rub your lash extensions. Don’t rub your lash extensions after application using your finger, and your lash extension fans can stay much longer with proper care.
  • Find a professional lash artist. Please select a professional lash artist that can apply for the lash extensions with advanced techniques. The lash extension application method is totally different from the way how you apply false strip lashes.
  • Choose the right lash adhesive. The lash adhesive for lash extension application is different from the strip lashes, and please choose the well-designed lash adhesive glue to lash extensions. Please don’t hesitate to consult your lash artist to get authoritative recommendations.

Do Lash Extensions Hurt?

lash extension hurt

Lash extensions should not hurt when they are applied properly.

However, some people may experience mild discomfort or irritation during or after the procedure. This can be due to several factors, including the sensitivity of the individual’s eyes, the quality of the adhesive used, or the skill of the technician.

During the application process, some people may experience a slight stinging or burning sensation if the adhesive accidentally gets into their eyes. This is usually temporary and can be alleviated by flushing the eyes with water.

After the procedure, some people may experience some mild discomfort or itching as their eyes adjust to the new extensions. This is normal and can usually be managed with eye drops or a cool compress.

It’s important to choose a reputable and experienced lash technician, communicate any concerns or sensitivities before the procedure, and follow proper aftercare instructions to minimize the risk of any discomfort or complications.


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Final Thought

We offer premium lash extensions all year round and have exported the lash extensions to over 30 different countries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us now to order your qualified lash extensions for your lash extensions business.

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