Allergic Reaction to Lash Extensions: Ultimate Guide 101 for Lash Beginners

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The lash extension is a great enhancement to get a fluffier and fuller look, but you may not know that much about the allergic reaction to lash extensions. This is the ulmate guide to the lash extension allergy.

What Is An Lash Extension Allergic Reaction?

allergy to lash extensions

The popular lash extension allergy symptoms include eye redness, swollen eyelids, and itchy lashes. And sometimes many allergic to lash extensions symptoms will occur at the same time.

Here are some lash extension allergy symptoms that would occur:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Watery eyes
  • Running rose
  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Swallow eyes

Then you need to distinguish all of these lash extension allergic reactions and different people having different allergic symptoms, depending on the immune system.

Mostly, the allergic reaction lash extensions are caused by the lash glue during bonding lash extensions to your natural lashes. So it would help if you were much more serious about the lash glue selection for your clients, to avoid lash extension allergies.

Lash Allergy Vs Lash Irritation

lash irritation

Sometimes, clients would get eye irritation after lash extensions, but here is to say that, lash irritation is totally different from a lash allergy.

Here are some differences between them:

Lash Allergy Lash Irritation
Show immediately, but it will reveal after 24~48 hours after lash extensions.Show immediately, within minutes.
Occur in one eye or both of two eyes.Usually occur on one eye.
Can last several hours to several days.Disappear within one day
Worsen with time if without any treatment. Improve the symptoms within every hour.
One eye can have severe reactions.Different eyes have different levels of symptoms.

How to Prevent Lash Extension Allergy?

Here are some tips that can help you avoid the lash extension allergy:

Lash Extension Allergy Test

lash extension patch test

Never ever forget to do the lash extension allergy test before you do lash extensions in the lash salon, and your lash technician will give some suggestions and advice about it. Most allergic reactions will be in your life once you developed them, so it is essentially important to ask your lash technician to do the lash extension allergy test before your lash extension application appointment.

Proper Lash Glue

lash extension adhesive glue

The lash glue is also the crime culprit to cause the lash extension allergic reaction, so please be serious about selecting the lash extension glue. The patch test is the best way to see if you are sensitive to the lash adhesive ingredients.

For example, some clients are allergic to the Carbon Black in the lash glue ingredients, which are added to give the black color to lash glue. This occasion rarely occurs, but still, some have lash extension glue allergy. The hypoallergenic lash glue for extensions is strongly recommended to lower the risk of allergies.

The hypoallergenic lash extension glue is best for lash extension application, and I strongly recommend the hypoallergenic lash glue, which is also soft, durable, and low maintenance required.

You can consult your lash technician to get the best solution to choose the best lash glue for your lash extension installation.

How to Treat Allergic Reaction to Lash Extensions?

What to do if allergic to lash extensions? The lash extension allergic reactions can’t go away until you stop the allergen. So it would help if you were serious about treating lash extension allergic reactions.

You need to consult your lash technician to find some solutions to stop lash extension allergic reactions, and also you need to see an eye doctor if you have a strong allergic reaction that the lash tech can’t remove.

FAQ About Lash Allergic Reaction

How to Know if You’re Allergic to Lash Extensions?

You can get some symptoms if you get lash allergies, such as redness, watery eyes, itchy lashes and etc.

Why I Am Suddenly Allergic to Lash Extensions?

For most people, the allergic reaction to lash extensions symptoms are developed with time, but they can occur suddenly. Lousy lash tech, outdated lash glue, and inferior lash products will cause sudden lash extension allergies.

Can I Still Get Lash Extensions if I’m Allergic?

Unfortunately, you can’t get lash extensions if you are allergic. If you find you are having allergic reactions to lash extensions, you have to remove lash extensions immediately. It is important to reduce the lash allergic reaction, and you can try some methods at home, such as cold compress.

And please go to a doctor to find medical help if you are suffering from pain that can’t be reduced easily.

How to Stop Being Allergic to Lash Extensions?

Firstly, you need to find what causes you to be allergic to lash extensions, and please stop using the lash glue if you are allergic to it; you’d find alternative false lashes to lengthen your natural lashes if are still allergic to the lash extensions.

Final Thoughts

I believe that you know a lot about allergic reactions to lash extensions, and please have the lash extension allergy treatment if your clients have allergic reactions.

Finally, please feel free to contact us at any time if you need help with lash extensions, and can give a quick response as soon as possible.

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