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Why Are My Eyelashes Itchy: How to Prevent Lash Extension Itch?

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itchy lash extensions


After getting the lash extensions applied, you could notice the lash extensions are itchy. Today we are talking about itchy lash extensions, and how to prevent lash extension itch.

Why Are My Eyelashes Itchy?

Why do my eyelashes itch?

Here are many reasons that will cause eyelash itching, such as dry eyes, improper lash shampoo, poor hygiene, lash mites and etc. I list 4 reasons why your lash extensions are itchy.

Exposure to Formaldehyde Fume

low fume eyelash extension glue

The formaldehyde fume is the first killing reason resulting in the eyelashes itch, so you’d better avoid the formaldehyde fume if you do lash extensions.

The formaldehyde fume is a by-product of the lash adhesive glue, so please choose the low-fume eyelash extension glue to lower the risk of formaldehyde fume exposure. The formaldehyde fume can cause red eyes, irritation, and also watering eyes.

Lash Extension Allery Reaction

lash extension allergies

Poor Lash Extension Application

poor lash extension application

Loss Lash Extension Aftercare

lash extension aftercare

Too Many Lash Mites

lash mite

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