Lash Extension Manufacturer: The Ultimate Guide to Pick A Valued Lash Manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable lash extension manufacturer? Here is the ultimate guide to lash extension manufacturer, with full lash extension production line, which can help your lash business start up!

lash extension manufacturer

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What Are Lash Extensions?

lash extensions

Compared with the strip false lashes, lash extensions are different. Lash extensions are the cosmetic applications which can enhance your lash lengths, curls, thicknesses, etc. 

Lash extensions can made of different materials, including mink hair, silk fiber, synthetic fiber, PBT fiber and even human hair. It’s flexible for you to choose different materials to make lash extensions. The texture of the raw materials can achieve different lash effects for your eye makeup. 

It’s much more complicated to apply lash extensions, and you need to find a experienced lash artist or lash extension technician to do lash extensions for you. 

The main method of lash extension application is to use the lash extension adhesive (not the regular lash glue to apply strip false lashes) to apply the lash extensions to the natural lash 1-2 mm from the root of your real lashes, but without any direct contact with your eyelids. 

And lash extensions can stay on your eyelashes up to weeks, durable and long-lasting, compared to the one-time-use strip lashes. You don’t need to remove lash extensions every day, this is important for you to avoid daily lash wears. 

Types and Styles of Lash Extension

Here are various types of lash extensions for clients to select their desired lashes.

Lash extensions are made of special plastic fiber, called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). PBT can be heated and then molded into the desired lash shape to create different lash styles.

PBT lashes have high strength compared with other materials, and PBT lash extensions can look naturally glossy and shining. At the same time, PBT lash extensions can be designed with better curls. 

Lash extensions can be designed with different styles, such as classic lash extension, hybrid lash extension, volume lash extension, mega volume lash extension, premade fans and etc. 

All types of lash extensions are provided in our lash extension manufacturer, and please feel free to contact us at any time if you are confused about lash extension types and styles. 

How to Find A Reliable Lash Extension Manufacturer?

lash extension manufacturer

Lash extensions are becoming more and more popular, and are you willing to start your lash business? The first important step for your lash business start-up is to find a reliable lash extension manufacturer.

These are some factors you need to consider seriously. 

Lash Quality: 

The quality can speak everything about your lashes, and it can determine if you can develop your lash business to go further. Here we are the leading lash extension manufacturer with the full lash extension supply chain to provide the top-rated lashes at the reasonable wholesale prices. 

Wide Category: 

All types and styles of lash extensions can be made in our lash extension factory, from materials, lengths, curls, thicknesses, shapes to styles, effects, we can create the trending lash extensions to meet the requirement of the lash market. 200+ lash extension variants for your lash selection, and we have the experienced lash designer to work out the lash mapping for your clients. 

Private Label: 

In order to support the local lash business, we can provide the customized eyelash packaging with private label. Easy to print your eyelash logo and brand name on the lash tray case. Free logo is also provided if you don’t have your own lash logo at current. 

Low MOQ: 

We have low demand of minimum order quantity. Super friendly for small lash business owners, including lash bar, beauty salon, part-time lash owner, even you are working for the affiliate lash business. 

Also many other factors, and here are some ways helping you find a lash manufacturer. 

Search on Google: 

Yes, you can input some search terms, like “lash extension manufacturer” “lash vendors” “lash factory” to find the lash manufacturer. You can find your answer from the top-rank searching results. What’s more, you can use some long-tail search terms, like “lash extension manufacturer in China”, “eyelash manufacturer in New York” to narrow your search results. 


This is the leading B2B platform providing the info of Chinese manufactures, factories, and you can look it over and inquiry some, and then pick a best lash manufacturer for yourself. 

Social Media: 

SNS platforms work well to share with you many good ideas, and you can pick the lash manufacturer based on the posts, images, videos uploaded. And you can get a clue to determine your best pick. 

Totally, here are many methods for you to find some lash extension suppliers, lash vendors to widen your selections. 

Lash Extension Manufacturing Process

I share with the lash extension manufacturing process, to see how lash extensions are manufactured in the lash extension workshop. These are main steps of making lash extensions, and you can look it over to get a clue to know more about the lash extension production. 

premium lash extension material

Premium Raw Material

The quality of raw materials can determine the lash extension quality, so we source the top-rated raw material, including PBT fiber, mink hair, synthetic fiber strictly to ensure the lash extension quality.

shaping lash extension

Filter Synthetic Hair

Use the lash mold machine to layout the lash extension materials, such as PBT fiber, mink hair, synthetic fiber, and filter out the fly hair that can't be used.

Bond Lash Extensions

Adhere the hair fibers to the tape, to bond the lash hairs together to get the semi-finished lash extensions, to determine the lash styles in this step.

cut off the extra half

Cut off the ExtraHalf

Use the steel wire rule to cut off the extra half, and the shaped lashes, get the straight lash extension rows. The semi-finished lash extensions are bonded well firmly.

create lash extension curls

Create Curls

Use glass stick or steel wire stick to roll lash extensions, to get natural curls. Small diameter can create the lash extensions with deep curls, whereas, get the flat lash extensions.

lash extension rows

Install Lash Extensions

Remove the glass sticks, and install the lash extension rows into the lash extension case. Single style patterns, or mix-set can be provided. Print your private label on background paper.

For more detailed info about the lash extension manufacturing process, you can watch the video below. 

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