Blepharitis Lash Extensions: How to Avoid It?

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blepharitis lash extension


As we all know that lash extensions are a great method to enhance your lashes to become much fluffier, and thicker. Yes, lash extensions can achieve your desired lash look for your daily beauty routine. But some conditions could go wrong if lash extensions can’t be applied under hygienic conditions, here we are talking about blepharitis lash extensions.

Can Lash Extensions Cause Blepharitis?

blepharitis lash extensions

Yes, the lash extensions can give you blepharitis, if they are not applied properly, or you are not careful about them.

Too many bacteria on your eyelids will cause blepharitis, and too many lash mites around your area bonding lash extensions can induce blepharitis.

And you probably suffer from blepharitis if you have lash extension allergic reactions, caused by some infections during the lash extension application procedure.

What causes blepharitis lash extensions? Here are some possibilities in the following, and you can look it up to avoid them.

Too Much Bacteria

The skin around our eyes is very sensitive, compared with other skin. So don’t use your dirty hands (invisible bacteria on our hands) to touch your eyes during the lash extension application procedure.

You’d better find an experienced, certificated lash technician to do lash extensions for you, and they are professional about lash extensions.

Don’t try it yourself if you are familiar with the lash extensions, and please consult your lash technician about the solutions if you have blepharitis signs.

Allergic Blepharitis Lash Extensions

Allergic Blepharitis Lash Extensions

The lash extension allergic reactions can cause the lash extension blepharitis lash extensions too, so be serious about treating the lash extension on a daily basis.

Don’t forget to do the allergy test to see if you are allergic to the lash extension materials, or lash glue. And lash glue is the biggest anaphylactogen to cause infections, and you need to stop the lash extension application at once if you find the lash extension reaction signs.

Too Many Lash Mites

It is basically important for you to keep your eyelids clean and tidy all the time, this is the best method to avoid too many lash mites. Pay much attention to lash extension hygiene, to avoid lash mite infestation, which can result in lash extension blepharitis.

Blocked Oil Glands

Don’t block your eye oil glands, and normal metabolism can secrete oils and greasy substances. The oil glands can be irritated if lash extension fibers can’t be applied skillfully, the lash glue causes the oil glands to block. Keeping your eyelids healthy and clean is important to avoid potential blepharitis from lash extensions.

How to Treat Blepharitis Lash Extensions?

how to treat lash extension blepharitis

Here are some tips that can help you treat blepharitis lash extensions properly:

Remove Lash Extensions

Things first, you need to remove your lash extensions as soon as possible if you find you have blepharitis from lash extensions at home. Please go to the lash salon where you do lash extensions and find the lash technician to remove eyelash extensions for you.

Don’t try it yourself at home if you are an expert at lash extensions, the lash technician is professional about removing lash extensions.

Clean Eyelids

Then you need to your clean lashes and eyelids using the fragrance lash cleaner, or hypoallergenic lash cleaner. The lash cleanser can flush the debris existing on your eyelids entirely, to make your eyes clean and tidy.

You can use your fingertips to massage your eyes gently, the time could be 30 seconds, and massage can loosen any debris on your lashes.

Lash Extension Treatment Plan

Then make a lash extension treatment plan with your lash technician, they can give you some suggestions to decrease the lash extension blepharitis.

Normally, each lash bar will prepare lash extension aftercare treatment tips for clients, to tell you how to take care of your lash extensions properly after installation.

Final Thoughts

This is the guide to blepharitis lash extensions, and I do hope this can help you a little. Enjoy your lash extensions to give you much beauty and happiness. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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