How to Do Fluffy Lash Extensions?

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Hi, lash lovers!

Are you addicted to lash extensions? Today we are happy to share with you fluffy lash extensions. Let’s dive into the knowledge base on how to do fluffy lash extensions.

What Are Fluffy Lash Extensions?

how to fluffy lash extensions

Compared with regular lash extensions, fluffy lash extensions are definitely charming for you to achieve an eye-catching lash look.

Fluffy lash extensions are trending in lash beauty, your clients can choose fluffy lash extensions to pop their eyes to be much more attractive and charming.

Well-designed natural fluffy lash extensions are the secret weapon to higher the whole makeup level, you can recommend the lash extensions with big fluffs to achieve a stunning lash look.

How to Do Fluffy Lash Extensions?

The biggest hit to achieve the lash extension fluffy effect is volume.

The classic lashes are used to create a natural lash look, 1 single lash is bonded on one natural lash, and clients can choose classic lash extensions to add their desired lash lengths.

Volume lash extensions’ application method is similar, but 2 or more lash extension fibers are bonded in one natural lash.

More lash extension fibers can fluff out lashes to become much darker, thicker, and longer. Of course, you can skip classic lash extensions, only choose volume lash extensions and mega volume lash extensions if your clients want a “fluffy look”!

Here are different methods to achieve fluffy lash extensions in the following:

Technique #1 Hybrid Lash Extensions

hybrid lash extensions

Hybrid lash extensions are the most popular lash extensions, widely sold in the lash salon. The hybrid lash fans, consisting of some classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions, aim to add much fluff to the lash effect.

You can choose how many lash fibers are applied to natural lashes, and here are different lash extensions for your selection, including 2D lash extensions, 3D lash extensions, 5D lash extensions and etc.

You can communicate with your clients to ensure what types of hybrid lash extensions they desire, and then you can do fluffy lash extensions following the lash extension mapping.

The hybrid lash extensions are the best way for you to achieve a fluffy lash look, suitable for most clients.

Technique #2 Volume Lash Extensions

volume lash extensions

The volume lash extensions are also used to increase the lash fluffiness to the largest extent.

I do believe that volume lash extension can create a delightfully fluffy lash set, aiming to thicken lashes to become much more dramatic. It’s flexible for clients to choose different volumes to get their desired fluffy lash look.

Pure volume lash extensions can create a fluffier lash look compared with the hybrid lash extensions, the more lash fibers adhered to the natural lash, the fluffier lash looks you will get.

Please communicate with your clients to ensure all details about the full set lash extension, at the same time, different volume lash extensions can be mixed together to complete the whole lash look.

Technique #3 Mega Volume Lash Extensions

mega volume lash extensions

Mega lash extensions are used to achieve incredibly fluffy lash extensions, and to add extra fluff to the lash look to the maximum. You can recommend mega lash extensions if your clients like super dramatic, longer, thicker lash effects.

But please choose the proper mega lash extensions applied on the natural lash, to avoid being too heavy. Too heavy lash extensions are not so comfortable for eyes, you need to communicate with your clients to ensure what lash extension lengths they desire. Too long will result in extra weight to make lash extensions too heavy.

Technique #4 Wispy Lash Extensions

wispy lash extensions

Wispy lash extensions are also trending lash extensions, most clients will love this type of lash extension. The wispy lash extensions can mix classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions together, to achieve a unique and special lash look.

Wispy lash extensions are customized, you need to apply some lash extension spikes, bold and longer lash spikes are the typical feature compared with other types of lash extensions.

Wispy lash extensions are inspired by Kim K, also feathery and soft. You can choose how fluffy you want to design, from subtle (classic wispy lash extensions) to full-on (mega volume wispy lash extensions). Wispy lash extensions are suitable for those who like lash extensions with spikes too.

Are Fluffy Lash Extensions Suitable for Every Client?

In fact, the fluffy lash extensions are suitable for those who have strong, healthy natural lashes, because the lash extensions are bonded directly to the natural lashes.

Weak lashes can’t afford heavier fluffy lash extensions, which can result in some discomfort and also some potential lash extension infections. You can read Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes? to get more detailed info to get the answer.

The well-trained certificated lash technicians can give clients some suggestions and recommendations to choose the proper lash extensions, in order to achieve a fluffy lash look.

Final Thought

It is skillful to create fluffy lash extensions, here are some trending techniques shared above in this blog to create fluffy-looking lash extensions for clients. I hope these tips can really help you a lot.

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