What Are Eyelash Extension Spikes?

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lash extension spikes


Do you want to get a glam lash look? Here you can try on the lash extension spikes to add natural lash enhancement.

Here is something basically important about the lash extension spikes.

What Are Lash Extension Spikes?

lash extension spikes

You can see the lash extension spikes obviously, bold and thick compared with other lash hairs from the image above.

The lash extension spikes are the best solution for you to get a wispy lash look, and eyelash extension spikes can add much flare instantly, to create a beautifully bold and wispy lash look.

You can choose eyelash extensions with spikes, to add much more volume to your natural lashes, additionally, hybrid lashes with spikes are the best solution for your hybrid lash set.

How to Make Lash Extension Spikes?

spike lash extension map

Here you can use the premade lash fans to make lash extension spikes. Here is the tutorial that you can follow:

  • Apply some lash sealant to clump up lash extensions together.
  • Use the tweezer to peel off some lash extensions from the lash extension tray, you can choose the single classic lash extensions to create the lash extension spikes for your lash set.
  • Dip the lash spikes in a little bit of lash glue and place them on your clients’ lash extensions.
  • All lash extension spikes should be applied well.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions about the spiky lash extensions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Welcome to ask for the lash extension catalog if you are looking up the qualified eyelash extensions.

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