Lash Extension Mapping: The Secret Weapon to Create Stunning Lashes for Your Clients

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Have you tried lash extensions to enhance your natural lashes? The lash extension mapping is a quick and easy way to visualize your progress on your lash extension application.

Here, I am happy to share all things basically important about lash extension mapping.

What Is Lash Extension Mapping?

lash mapping

Lash extension mapping is a fantastic way to plan a perfect eyelash extension look for your clients if you are a lash artist.

Using the lash extension mapping can explore different lash extension looks, and ensure that you can create a highly customized look for each of your clients according to their eye shapes.

Lash extension mapping is the process of inserting your individual eyelashes into a pre-made mold to achieve a complete lash look. It mimics the natural growth pattern of your own lashes and can be done in numerous ways – from semi-permanent acrylic extensions to more permanent silk lash extensions.

The application process involves a number of steps – from layering (extending individual eyelashes) to applying glue, applying for extensions, and removing them at the end.

Lash Extension Mapping Styles

Lash Extension Mapping Styles
Lash Extension Mapping Styles

With so many styles of lash extensions in the market, it can be confusing to choose the right one for your needs. We have chosen some of our most popular styles for you.

Lash extension mapping styles such as feather lashes, natural lashes and volume lift lashes are all popular in today’s industry. Feather lash extensions add length to the eyelashes without any volume or thickness.

Natural lash extensions mimic your own natural eyelash length, but with a longer life span. Volume lift lashes can be added for extra volume and thickness.

We’re on a mission to create the most beautiful and expressive eyes ever seen. Combining lash extensions with our patented mapping method, we can give you luscious lashes that are perfectly balanced, naturally longer and more volumized in just one appointment.

With our unique mapping techniques, you will get perfectly measured eyelashes every time. The options for eyelash extensions include soft waves or classic straight to extreme festive flicks and curls.

You can choose whether you would like your lashes to be natural or dramatic by choosing from our wide collection of styles.

Importance of Lash Extension Mapping

Eye mapping for lash extensions is basically important, and key to creating the perfect lash extension look for your clients if you are a lash tech. The lash extension map can show you exactly how many lash extensions you need and where you place them. A full set lash extension look is created well according to the lash extension map.

So that all lash salons will prepare some trending lash extension maps for clients to choose the styles they like, and eyelash extension lash maps are also necessary for you to practice doing lash extensions for training.

Cat Eye Lash Extension Mapping

The cat eye lash mapping is the most popular combination of lash extensions, which can help you achieve a stunning cat eye lash extensions. It offers a very natural-looking curve to your lashline.

If you want to be the center of attention and make your eyes look truly unique by adding dramatic cat eyelashes, here is our cat eye mapping for lash extensions for you.

Our cat cat eye mapping for lash extensions is perfect for clients who want to create a dramatic cat eye look with a more natural feel, as well as those who already wear eyelash extensions and are looking to change their style dramatically.

The cat eye lashe extension map can use to create a sexy and cute lash extension look, to improve your makeup style to the next level.

Classic Lash Extension Mapping

A classic lash extension mapping will enhance your own lashes for a natural look.

Our classic lash extension mapping is a natural look that will give you the full lashes and beautiful eye look you desire. We apply non-adhesive fibers to the tip of your own natural lashes, where they cling securely in place until your next appointment.

The classic set lash extensions mapping is done with the best quality, natural fibers. The extension is done with specific care to ensure that the weight of it does not pull your own lashes out and make them fall out.

Hybrid Lash Extension Mapping

The lash mapping method is a patented process that creates the highest quality, most natural and beautiful lashes.

Hybrid lashes are created from a combination of synthetic and mink hair, giving you the most natural and comfortable lash look.

Receive the next level of perfection with our hybrid lashes, and it’s never been easier to add volume, length, and definition. Hybrid lashes provide a perfect fit for each individual lash for beautiful results every time.

Hybrid Lashes are extensions with a natural, lightweight feel. They are made with a combination of thin synthetic lash strands and human hair that is clampless, meaning they won’t fall off or irritate your eyelid.

The hybrid lash extension mapping is the magic tool for you to achieve the hybrid lash look, and your lash artist can design perfect lash patterns, consisting of classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions, with the proper hybrid lash extension ratio.

Wispy Lash Extension Mapping

The wispy lash extensions map is the latest innovation in eye extensions. It allows the client to have a natural-looking set of lashes without the hassle of having to wear mascara or put on false eyelashes.

Kim K Lash Extension Mapping

Kim K lash extension mapping is the best way to get rid of your fake eyelashes frustrations.

kim K lash extension mapping is the a kind of lash mapping tool that helps you to choose the perfect match for your eyes. It’s time for longer, fuller lashes.

Kim K Lash Mapping: that’s the name of the game in glamour lashes! Shaped to perfection, our lash mapping tool was designed to be the most precise tool for your lash extensions. The Kim K Lashes Mapping is the fastest way to map your client’s natural lashes and enhance their volume. It’s made from 100% plastic, so it will never rust or corrode—like other metal mascara wands! This tool allows you to calculate your client’s natural lash measurements without having any contact with their eyes.

How to Create A Lash Extension Map?

Here are some rules you can follow to create a perfect lash extension mapping:

  • Determine the maximum lengths of lash extensions
  • Routh different lengths in the different areas of the eyes
  • Keep short of the inner corner

Then follow these steps to map your lash extensions:

how to create a lash extension map

Divide Eye Sections

Regularly, the lash extension mapping needed to be divided into some sections, from the inner side to the outer side. Firstly, you can dive the lash extensions mapping into two equal sections from the middle, to make it in half.

1/4 Section

And then divide the half into 2 sections again, to get 1/4 part of the whole lash extension map design.

Mark the lengths

Finally, you need to mark the lash extension lengths of the lash extensions needed in the corresponding section. A simple lash extension mapping is done.

In theory, it is much easier for you to complete a simple lash extension mapping, but you need to communicate more detailed info with your clients, to leave much space for personal customization. Here are many factors that can be considered to customize a lash extension map for your clients, including maximum lengths, curls, shapes, etc.

Lashing is an advanced task that needs practice before you become an experienced lash artist, and mapping lash extensions are the basic thing you need to get very familiar with.

You can use the lash model head to begin your practice to make a professional lash extension mapping.

Final Thought

If you want to know about the lash extension mapping, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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