Volume Lashes vs Cluster: What Are Differences Between Them?

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volume lash set vs cluster


Here are many different types of lash extensions, volume lashes vs cluster, which lash extensions do you prefer? Today we can see some differences between them.

Volume Lashes

volume lashes

Volume lashes, similarly the cluster lashes, are made of multiple lashes attached to one lash hair, and different lashes are bonded together per fan.

Volume lash extension is super popular in the lash salon, and you need to do the full set of volume lashes in the professional lash salon. It is much more complicated to apply the volume lashes compared with the flare cluster lashes.

Here are usually 2~6 false lashes glued on the one natural lash hair to achieve a full set volume lashes, you can choose different volume sets to achieve your desired lash look.

Volume lashes are also light weight, without adding any extra weight to your natural lashes, and you can get the natural lash effect without any damage to your original lashes.

Cluster Lashes

cluster lashes

Cluster lashes are premade lash fans, with multiple lash hairs on each fan, and the bulky cluster lash fan looks like a flare, so cluster lashes are also named flare lashes.

Different from the volume eyelashes, you can apply the cluster lashes at home, without needing to find an experienced lash technique to help you. It is much easier for you to apply cluster lashes, and many girls can finish the perfect lash look after applying the cluster lashes.

Volume Lashes vs Cluster

volume lashes vs cluster

Volume lashes vs cluster, here are some differences between them in the following:

Easy to Remove

Cluster lashes can be applied with water-soluble glue, so it is very easy to remove the cluster lashes, and you can remove the water-soluble lash glue using a regular makeup remover. But you need to go to the lash salon to find an experienced lash artist to remove all volume lashes for you if you are not familiar with them.

Shorter Duration

The cluster lashes can be applied individually, without going to the beauty salon, and you can remove the cluster lashes before you go to bed. Usually, the cluster lash look can stay for a day, and full set volume lashes can stay much longer on your eyes, up to 4 weeks.

Water-soluble Glue

You can use the water-soluble disposable lash glue to attach the lash clusters to your lashes, but the volume lashes are different, your lash artist will use the cyanoacrylate glue to adhere the volume lashes to your natural lashes.

lash extension glue

And the cyanoacrylate lash glue only can be removed by a professional lash specialist. The adhesive glue for lash extension is totally different, and you can’t use your regular false lashes for your daily makeup. The lash extension glue is used to achieve greater retention to make your volume lash extensions stay much longer.

Different Raw Materials

Volume lashes are usually made of durable PBT fiber, which can help your volume lashes last longer, without falling out easily. But the cluster lashes can be made of PET, and many disposable false lashes are mainly made of this raw material.

Different Shapes

volume lashes vs cluster lashes

The volume lashes are designed to attach to a single strand of natural lashes, you can see the fan base of the volume lash extension is sleeker than the cluster lashes, and also much clean and tidy.

The fan base of the cluster lashes is not clear and is designed to be blunt and not sleek so that you can easily apply the lash clusters to your lashes due to the larger contact area.

Cluster lashes are designed for the personal self use, so you can try the cluster lashes at home; but volume lash extensions, also other types of lash extensions, are designed for professional use.


Compared with cluster lashes, the volume lash extension is the semi-permanent lashes that can stay up longer on your lashes, up to 4 weeks. Wearing cluster lashes is an option for you to get the temporary lash look, to achieve your desired length and thickness in a short time.

Volume lashes are applied with the greatest retention, which can’t fall out from your lashes easily, and you need help from an experienced lash artist if you want to remove your full set of volume lashes quickly.

The lash glue designed for volume lash extensions is totally from the regular lash glue, and lash extension glue has good retention to keep volume lash fans adhered firmly.

Final Thought

If you want to get the dramatically voluminous lash look quickly, the cluster lash extensions is the best option for you, at the same time, cluster lashes are much cheaper than volume lash extensions.

If you want to know more detailed info about the volume lashes vs cluster, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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