Cluster Lash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide to Lash Extension Clusters

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Cluster lash extensions are popular in the lash market, and today I am happy to share all things about cluster lash extensions.

Here we go~

What Are Cluster Lash Extensions?

cluster lashes


Cluster lash extensions, the form to enhance your natural lashes. It is similar to the lash strips you purchase at a drug store, and lash extension clusters are the false lashes that are clustered together to become lash groups.

Cluster lashes also named lash flares (the shape looks like a flare), are made of a group of lashes bound together at the base using a small amount of lash adhesive. Regularly, a cluster lash group consists of  5~10 single lash hairs, depending on how thick the lash looks to be achieved. 

Cluster lash extensions can be glued to your lash line using the proper lash adhesive. And cluster lash extensions are the secret weapon to boost your natural lashes to become fuller with the extra length.

Cluster lash extensions, a type of lash extensions, similar to the lash fans, flare lashes, and these are premade fanning lash extensions that you can apply at home, without needing to go to a professional lash salon.

The eyelash extensions cluster lashes are convenient for you to improve your natural lashes to look much fluffier, and voluminous. to thicken your natural lashes.

Are Lash Extension Clusters Safe for Your Natural Lashes?

Yes, of course!

Cluster lash extensions are safe for your eyes because they are made of healthy materials.

  • Silk fiber
  • Korean PBT
  • Faux mink
  • Synthetic plastic

All of the raw materials above can be used to manufacture lash extensions, and all of these are safe and healthy. And the materials for making cluster lash extensions can be the same as other regular lash extensions.

The raw material can determine the quality of the cluster lash extensions, you can choose your favorite cluster lashes.

And you can use the healthy lash adhesive to glue your lash extension clusters. Please don’t forget to do the allergy test to ensure that the lash glue is OK for you to avoid potential allergy reactions.

Safe lash extension clusters and safe lash glue, and then you can enjoy the glam of the cluster lash look.

How Long Do cluster Lash Extensions Last?

Compared with the disposable false strip lashes, the cluster lash extensions can stay longer on your lashes, up to 4 weeks approximately.

The premium lash adhesive is the base to keep your cluster lash extensions glued well, without falling out easily.

You can make the one-time-use lash clusters at home, using the tweezer to cut your lash strips into some segments, then use the clustered lashes to enhance your natural lashes, to become much thicker and fluffier. DIY lash clusters can be removed using the makeup remover before you go to bed.

And you need to go to the lash salon to do the cluster lash extensions, this method can help you get a stable lash look, without falling out easily. And your perfect lash look can stay up to 3 or 4 weeks with proper care.

How to Apply Cluster Lash Extensions?

It is a technique to apply the cluster lash extensions, and there is a guide on how to apply the cluster lash extensions step by step.

Tools required

  • Cluster lash extensions
  • Lash adhesive
  • Tweezers

Steps of applying lash extension clusters.

Step 1: Examine your natural lashes

Evaluate the condition of your natural lashes before selecting the proper lash extension clusters.

The lash extension clusters are glued to your natural lashes, so you need to choose the proper lash clusters according to your natural lash hair. You’d better choose the light weight eyelash extension clusters if your real lashes are very short and thin. Too long or too thick lash clusters will add extra weight to your natural lashes, resulting in lash damage.

As a matter of fact, the lash extensions can’t do any damage to your real lashes, without contacting your eye skin. BUT, please choose the light weight lash extension cluster to ensure your real lashes can withstand the weight.

Step 2: Choose the right type of lash clusters

Here are many different types of lash clusters, that are made of different materials, such as mink, silk, and synthetic.

Mink lash extension clusters are the most expensive, and most natural like your real lashes; and then the synthetic lash extension clusters are the least expensive, and less vividly natural like the natural lashes.

What’s more, the lash extension clusters can be varied in different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and also colors, so that you can choose the proper lash clusters according to your requirement.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you are confused about picking up the right lash extension clusters for yourself.

Step 3: Clean your natural lashes

Your natural lashes must be clean, comb your real lashes and separate them to prepare for filling the lash clusters on the lash line. At the same time, please keep your natural lashes completely dry. You can use the alcohol cotton pad to swipe your lashes to make them clean and tidy all the way up.

And also don’t forget to do the allergy test to know if the lash adhesive can be used for your lashes, to avoid the lash adhesive glue irritating your skin or damaging your natural lashes.

Step 4: Prepare a lash map

The lash extension map is the guide for the lash extension application. The lash mapping can tell you where to glue your lash extension clusters, and how many lash hairs are needed for that place.

The lash map can determine the final lash look you make, to style your lash extension clusters in a good shape.

If you are doing lash extension clusters individually, you can make a plan about the lash style look you desire; if you are a lash technique, you have to prepare some trending lash maps for your clients to pick the one they are addicted to.

Step 5: Apply lash extension clusters

Now, it is time to apply the lash extension clusters to your natural lashes.

You can use the tweezer to place the lash extension clusters on your natural lashes. Apply some lash adhesive to the lash clusters, use the tweezer to hold the hair cluster hair, and then stick it onto your lashes, and please don’t apply the lash glue to your skin.

How to Remove Cluster Lash Extensions?

The lash extension cluster removal is also different from the regular lashes. You can also remove the lash extension at home, here are some tips in the following.

Oil-based lash remover

Use the cotton pad to dip some oil-based lash cleaner, to weaken the lash bond to loosen the lash adhesive glue. We recommend that you can buy the professional lash extension remover in the drug store or the lash salon.

Oil-based lash remover can clean up the mascara residual. Pay more attention to the formula of the lash extension cleaner to ensure there are not any hazardous substances in the lash cleaner liquid. Please consult your professional lash artist to get some recommendations about the lash remover selection.

Be gentle and patient

please don’t be rude to pull out your lash extension clusters to hurt your eye skin. Don’t rub your eyes rudely to hurt your eye skin. You can practice how to remove your lash extensions if you are a beginner.

Lash Clusters vs Extensions

lash clusters vs extensions

Here are some differences between the lash clusters and lash extensions.

The lash extensions are the single lash extension bonded to the single lash during the application process; lash clusters are the bunches of multiple individual lash extensions bonded together to get the “flare” shape.

You can apply the cluster lashes at home do it yourself, much more flexible to apply the lash clusters. You can practice how to apply the lash clusters in the mirror, and it’s necessary to find a professional lash technique to help you with the lash extension application.

Single Lash Extensions vs Cluster

single lash extensions vs cluster

Cluster lashes are designed with a flare shape, bonded with multiple lash hairs, you can apply a lash cluster to a single natural lash. And this could result in the extra weight added to your natural lashes, doing some damage to your weak lash hair if you choose too heavy or too thick lash clusters.

But on the contrary, single lash extension is very lightweight so that you can get a very natural lash look, and single lash extension fan is bonded to your natural lash hair, to add much volume but without any extra weight. It’s much more comfortable like without wearing anything.

Cluster vs single lash extensions, you can pick up them to achieve your desired lash look according to your own conditions, including your real lash condition, length and thickness can be considered; and also the lash style you want to achieve. You can get the best lash solution based on your overall consideration.

Also, you can compare volume lashes vs cluster, you can get a lot of things that differ from each other.

How Long Do Cluster Lashes Last?

The cluster lashes, not the semi-permanent lash extensions, can’t be worn for a long time. Lash cluster extensions are the temporary lash solution for you to get an instant lash look, without spending so much time on the lash extension application.

Regularly, the lash extension clusters can stay for a day, and you need to remove them from your lashes before bedtime.

Pay Attention

Please choose proper lash cluster extensions to adhere to your real lashes, to avoid too heavy, or too thick lash clusters damaging your real lashes. You’d better not attach flare cluster lashes to your multiple lash hairs at one time.

The lash extension clusters are a great alternative to regular lash extensions, and you can get an instant glam lash look by applying for the natural individual cluster lash extensions. But, here is the truth cluster lash extension application needs much more skills, and you’d better find an experienced lash artist to help you complete the perfect lash effect.

Final Thought

Any questions about the cluster lash extensions? Please feel free to contact us at any time if you are looking for lash extension clusters for your lash business.

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