Lash Extension Length Guide for Your Desired Lash Extension Lengths

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lash extension length guide


Have you tried different lash extension lengths? Today we will share something about the lash extension length guide.

Lash Extension Length Chart

lash extension lengths

Here are many countless lash extension lengths in the lash industry, and you can choose the proper range of eyelash extension lengths according to your own conditions.

The average lash extension length can help you determine what lash extensions that suit your eye shape.

  • Shorter: 6-11mm (natural)
  • Medium: 10-14mm (medium)
  • Long: 14-22mm (dramatic)

Short lash extensions can enhance your real lashes to become much longer, also suitable for your daily life and business days, not that. You can choose the shorter lash extensions to create a natural lash look, the short lash extension length is designed for any occasion in your daily life.

Medium length lash extensions are also popular, you can choose the 10mm~15mm lash extensions to match your makeup look, which is much longer than the shortest lash extension length 6mm, so this length range can also be worn on your regular days.

Long lash extensions can be designed for clients who are addicted to the dramatic lash look, much thicker compared with the average lash extension lengths.

8mm~15mm lash extension is the most common lash extension length, more or less length you want, I do believe this range can satisfy your requirement about the daily lash routine.

And each lash salon has a lash extension length chart for your conference, and you can get some critical suggestions and ideas about the length of lash extensions from your lash artist, they can give you the best length for lash extensions according to your conditions, such as your real lash condition, your desired style and etc.

How to Choose Lash Extension Length?

Choosing the wrong lash extension lengths can do some damage to your natural lashes, due to the extra weight of the longer lash extensions. This would result in preventing your natural lash growth.

Too long lash extensions will be too heavy for your lashes, which can make you uncomfortable, also disturb your eyesight. And you’d better choose the proper lash extensions length if you wear the glasses. The lash extensions can’t flush your glass to bother your view.

The lash extensions can be longer 3mm~5mm than your real lashes, this range is the best length for lash extensions.

At the same time, you’d better choose the lash extensions designed with the proper diameters much closer to your real lashes. To avoid the drastic lengths or thicknesses that can keep your lashes safe and healthy.

The Golden Rules

Here are some rules to help you to determine if you are confused about what length lash extensions should I get.

Personal Preference

What lash extension styles do you prefer,  natural, dramatic, or flirty, you can choose the proper lengths to achieve your desired lash styles.

Natural Lash’s Condition

You have to consider your natural lash hair’s conditions, you’d better avoid too long lash extension lengths if your real lashes are short and thin. All lash extensions are attached to your lashes so that the natural lash can determine what lengths can be supported.

Too long lash extensions will result in extra weight, to do damage to your natural lashes, so you need to make a balance between the lengths you desire and your real lash quality.

You can communicate more to ensure more detailed info about the lash extension application with your lash technician. They can give you professional suggestions about the lash extension lengths.

Your Eye Shape

Eyes come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose the proper lash extension lengths according to your own eye shape. You can choose longer lash extensions if you have deep-set eyes, to achieve a prominent lash effect.

3mm Rule

Have you heard of the 3mm rule for selecting the right length of lash extensions?

You can follow the 3mm rule to choose the most suitable lash extension length for yourself. Too long lash extensions could cause permanent hurt to your lash hair follicles, making your real lashes weak.

The 3mm rule is a nice method to protect your real lashes, you’d better not get the lash extensions with a length that is 3mm longer than your original lashes.

You can follow the 3mm rule if you desire fine lash extensions that look very natural like your real lashes.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions about the lash extension lengths, please don’t be afraid to ask us, and we can give you the best solution according to your preference. And pleas feel free to ask for the lash extension samples for your lash business if you are the owner of a lash salon or lash technician.

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