What Are PBT Lash Extensions? Why Korean PBT Lashes?

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pbt lash extension


PBT lash extensions are the most popular lash extensions in the lash market, let’s talk more about Korean PBT lashes.

What Is PBT?

pbt material

PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), is a synthetic thermoplastic, and it’s clear and semi-crystalline. In the lash industry, PBT material is one of the most popular raw materials for manufacturing lash extensions.

What Are Korean PBT Lashes?

pbt lash extensions
pbt lash extensions

PBT stands for polybutylene terephthalate, commonly called PBT. Korean PBT fiber lashes are plastic, we can use synthetic PBT fibers to create lash extensions.

Korean PBT lashes also called PBT lashes, or PBT lash extensions, are made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). PBT lashes are the most popular lash extensions in the lash market, as also silk lash extensions, and faux min lash extensions.

Why Choose PBT Lash Extensions?

why pbt lash extensions
why pbt lash extensions

PBT lashes are soft, light-weight, and natural to be used as semi-permanent false lashes, that can last longer, up to 4 weeks. PBT lash extensions can create natural-looking lashes with a gorgeously soft and glossy sheen.

Compared with the other lash extensions, PBT lash extensions are manufactured to be glossy, matte, and satin.

The high-performance PBT synthetic lashes can be designed with multiple styles and finishes, to satisfy the different requirements of clients. Also, the PBT lashes are strong and durable, so your lash extensions can stay on your eyes for a very long time.

One more thing important is that PBT lashes can’t cause an allergic reaction to your skin, these are super healthy and safe.

PBT lashes are:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Flexible
  • High bonding ability
  • Keep natural curls

Are PBT Lashes Safe?

safe PBT lash fibers

Of course!

PBT lashes are safe and healthy, and PBT lashes can cause the least chance of an allergic reaction on human skin compared with other materials of lash extensions.

What’s more, you need to choose medical-grade lash adhesive glue to avoid the potential harm caused by allergies. Don’t forget to do the allergy test before you use the lash adhesive for the lash extension application.

We do believe that the PBT lash extensions are reliable, allergy-friendly, and cruelty-free! So that you can trust the characteristic of the PBT fiber lashes.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for qualified PBT lash extensions, please don’t be afraid to contact us at any time to order premium PBT lashes.

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