Are Lash Extensions Safe?

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safe lash extensions


The lash extensions are the best option for you if you prefer long-lasting lashes for your lash enhancement.

Semi-permanent Lash Extensions

Compared with other disposable false lashes, also some false lashes you can reuse several times, lash extensions are semi-permanent, which means you can enjoy a perfect lash look for a very long time, up to 4 weeks, and even longer with proper lash extension aftercare.

Lash extensions are bonded on your real lashes firmly, using the well-designed lash adhesive glue. They can stay up for many days, without falling out easily.

The lash extension method is very cool and can help you save a lot of time spent on applying false lashes. They are durable and long-lasting, and you can keep your beautiful lash look within several weeks after one-time installation.

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

Of course, they are 100% safe!

Most lash extensions are made of Korean PBT fibers, also silk fiber, synthetic plastic, and even faux mink. All of these raw materials are safe, non-toxic, and healthy.

Especially, Korean PBT lashes are safe, without any worries about allergy reactions. Lash extensions can’t do damage to your real lashes.

Are Lash Extensions Safe for Pregnancy?

lash extensions for pregnancy

Yes, of course, the lash extensions are safe for pregnancy.

Honestly, the lash extensions are safe for both pregnant and non-pregnant, because the lash extensions are not applied invasively, they are glued to your natural lashes, without any contact with your skin.

The lash extensions are semi-permanent false lashes, that can help you get a fluffier, longer, and thicker lash look quickly.

Are Lash Extensions Safe for Sensitive Eyes?

lash extensions for sensitive eyes

You have to be serious about selecting the proper lash makeup cosmetics if you have sensitive eyes. Sensitive eyes might water more than normal lashes, they get irritated easily while using some beauty products, cleaners and etc.

Some reasons that will cause your sensitive eyes to feel not comfortable:

Foreign Body Sensation

You don’t like anything that exists near your eyes, which makes your eyes water easily. In this way, you have to choose the most natural lightweight lash extensions to relieve the stress on your natural lashes. The lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes, rather than to your eye skin, so the light texture of lash extensions can make you comfortable.

Improper Lash Extension Glue

lash extension glue for sensitive eyes

You have to tell your lash technician ahead of time before applying lash extensions, and here is the lash extension glue for sensitive eyes.

Don’t forget to do the sensitive test before using the lash adhesive for your sensitive eyes, the special sensitive lash glue is designed for sensitive eyes. Sensitive lash glue can’t be bonded as strongly as regular lash glue, so the lash extensions can only last a week around instead of 3~4 weeks with the normal lash glue.

You need to get help from an experienced lash artist if you want to remove your lash extensions, don’t remove them at home if you are not familiar with lash extensions.

Too Heavy Lash Extensions

You’d better choose the lightweight lash extensions to create a natural look, to avoid too long lash extensions causing some extra weight to your natural lashes. Please find an experienced lash technician to help you with the lash extension application. The lash extensions applied improperly would cause sensitivity too.

Overall, lash extensions can be applied for sensitive eyes, but you need to confirm more details about your lash extensions, lash adhesive, and experienced lash technician.

Minimum Contact with Eye and Skin

As you know, the lash extension fibers are bonded to your natural lashes, rather than your eyelids, without any contact with your eye skin. So that the minimum contact with your eye skin can ensure the lash extensions are safe.

The lash glue might get a little on your skin, but no worries, the lash adhesive glue is also safe and healthy for your skin.

Final Thought

If you have any questions about safe lash extensions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Welcome to get the free lash extension samples if you are a lash technician or you have a self-owned lash salon.

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