Lash Extension Aftercare: How to Take Care of Lash Extensions?

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lash extension aftercare


Lash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that can last up to 4 weeks with proper aftercare, and this guide will share with you some tips about how to take care of lash extensions.

Why Lash Extensions

why lash extensions

Here are some pros that you can choose lash extensions to enhance your natural lashes, to become much fluffier.


Compared with regular false lashes, the lash extensions can achieve your desired lash look quickly, and they can last longer with higher retention than any other false lash.

Lash extensions can stay on your eyes for very long with proper care because the lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes using semi-permanent lash glue.

Lash Extensions Aftercare

lash extension aftercare

Here are some tips that you can follow after your lash extension application. Here is the lash extension aftercare checklist for you. You can get a lot of useful aftercare advice for lash extensions.

  • Don’t wash your lash extensions 24h after the treatment.
  • Don’t get your lash extensions wet for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid the showers and steam to hurt your lash extensions.
  • Don’t use oil-based makeup removers, that could break up the lash adhesive.
  • Don’t use the lash curler.
  • Don’t touch your lash extensions.
  • No rubbing or pulling of the extensions.
  • Sleep on your back. Related: 5 Essential Tips for You to Sleep with Lash Extensions
  • Don’t use mascara during lash extensions aftercare.
  • Only use the water-based makeup remover.
  • Don’t touch or rub your eyes and lashes.
  • Don’t makeup in the first 24 hours.
  • Don’t swim with your lash extensions on.

Lash Extension Aftercare Card

lash extension aftercare card

Most lash bars or lash salons will give lash extension aftercare cards to share with your some useful tips about the lash extension maintenance.

Be sure to give your clients a lash extension aftercare card at the end of the lash extension appointment in your lash salon, and all of these lash extension aftercare tips should be remembered well to avoid some potential problems.

You can make a list of Do’s and Don’ts about the lash extension aftercare, you can design the beautiful lash extension aftercare card yourself. Of course, our experienced design team can work out the perfect lash extension aftercare for your lash business.

Design Your Lash Extension Aftercare Card

At the same time, you guys can make a lash extension aftercare sheet for your clients to download online. To cover all lash extension aftercare advice in the lash extension aftercare form pdf. Your clients can get useful lash extension aftercare tips from the lash extension aftercare sheet you shared.

Lash Extension Maintenance

lash extension maintenance

Here are some useful tips for your lash extension maintenance:

Brush Your Lashes Regularly

You can use a clean spoolie to brush your lash extensions regularly, to keep them durable. Don’t make your lash extensions twisted.

Brushing your lash extensions regularly is an essential part of lash extension maintenance. It helps to keep your lashes looking neat, tidy, and free of tangles, which can damage both your extensions and natural lashes.

Get Lash Extension Infills

You can book an infill appointment to enhance your lash extensions, to prolong the effect. The refill can be done 3 weeks approximately after your first application. Your lash technician can refill your full set of lash extensions, to make them look as new as the first time. Please contact your lash technician at once if you find your lash extension falls out some.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Please use an oil-free makeup remover to avoid potential lash extension damage. The oil-based makeup removal would break up the lash adhesive glue to cause lash extension loss. Please get some recommendations from your lash expert, to ensure what type of makeup remover cosmetics you can use, without any damage to your lash extensions.

Avoid Mascara

You’d better avoid using the lash mascara to protect your lash extensions because the mascara can loosen the lash adhesive bond. If really want to use the mascara to create a dramatic makeup look, please be sure that the mascara is waterproof, to minimize hurt to your lash extensions.

Wash Lash Extensions Regularly

You also need to wash your lash extensions regularly for daily lash extension maintenance to keep them clean and tidy all the time. Here is the professional shampoo for lash extensions. You can use the foam cleanser to wash your eyelash extensions every day, in the morning.

Things to Should Do before Lash Extensions

lash extension aftercare maintenance

Find An Experience Lash Technician

Please do some research to find an experienced lash technician to do your lash extensions, a well-trained, certificated, and professional lash technician can help you save a lot of time and money. They can give you the best solution to create a perfect lash extension look.

Take A Break

You can take a break after a one-time lash extension application, please leave some time to make your natural lashes grow. The lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes, which can add some weight to your natural lashes. The break time is for your natural lashes to get recovered, to become healthy and strong like before.

Brush Your Lash Extensions

It is also important to brush your lash extensions regularly, to avoid your lashes are tangled and becoming clumpy. We recommend that you can use the professional lash look to comb your lash extensions, to make them smooth and natural. You can purchase the lash wand from the supermarket, and it is very important to brush through your eyelash extensions if you find that they are knotted and matted.

Lash Extension Aftercare within 24 Hours

lash extension aftercare instruction

You can spend 2~3 hours completing the lash extensions, and the first 24 hours are crucial for your lash adhesive to be settled. So you’d better avoid touching water after your lash extension application, it is basically important for you to avoid crying (salt in tears), sweating, cooking (steam and heat) and etc during this period.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Products

lash extension aftercare kit

Here are some products to help you take care of your lash extensions after application. By the way, you can prepare the lash extension aftercare kit for your clients, which is a great method for the lash extension aftercare properly.

Reasons why you can prepare lash extension aftercare kit in the following:

  • Ensure your clients can care for their lash extensions properly.
  • Allow your upsell your lash products and services.
  • Build trust and long-term relationships with your clients

Foaming Lash Cleanser

You can put the foaming lash cleaner in your lash extension aftercare kit, this is basically important for a daily lash wash.

Spoolie Brush

A spoolie brush is a must-have lash tool for lash extension lovers, it can brush lash extensions well while they get wet.

Lash Brush

A soft lash brush can keep lash extensions clean and tidy all the way, without any debris and dust. A Lash brush can comb lash extensions to make them smooth, to avoid being tangled and twisted.

All of these lash extension aftercare products above are healthy and safe for your lash extension treatment.


Ask for Lash Extension Aftercare Kit

What To Do If Lash Extensions Fall Out Quickly?

lash extension fall out

The lash extensions are glued to your natural lashes so that they can fall out following your natural lashes’ growth cycle.

Here are some reasons that cause the lash extension to fall out too quickly.

  • Improper application: You need to find an experienced lash technician to help you with the lash extension application.
  • Ignore lash extension aftercare: Please be serious about lash extension maintenance, you need to share more useful tips about aftercare for lash extensions.
  • Rare Cleaning: Please clean your lash extensions regularly to make your lashes clean and tidy all the time, to avoid the conditions they are get clumped.
  • Wrong Sleep Posture: The improper sleep posture will do some damage to your lashes, which will result in breaking your lash extensions.
  • Oil-based Lash Products: You’d better use oil-free lash products because the oil-based cosmetics will loosen your lash extensions glued by the lash adhesive.
  • Pull Lashes Often: Don’t pull your lash extensions with your fingers, to cause the lashes to fall out.


If you have good ideas about the lash extension aftercare & maintenance & treatment, please share them with us together. And for any ideas about the lash extension maintenance, please feel free to contact us now. Welcome to get qualified lash extension samples for your lash business.

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