Lash Extension: The Ultimate Guide to Lash Extensions 2023

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Have you tried lash extension? Are you willing to find newly designed eyelashes to begin your new lash journey?

Why not try lash extension? This is the ultimate guide to lash extensions, you can get everything basically important about lash extensions.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Lash Extensions?​

Compared with the traditional strip false lashes, lash extensions are cosmetic applications that can help you enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes.

Lash extensions are the alternative lashes to help you get longer lashes than they really are, lash extensions can stay on your eyes for a long time, up to several weeks.

What Are Lash Extensions Made of?​

Lash extensions can be made of different materials, including mink fur, silk fiber, synthetic, human hair, etc. It’s flexible for you to choose your favorite material to make lash extensions.

Mink lash extensions are the most expensive, due to real mink hair’s excellent 3D effect, and mink lash extensions can be designed with a stable lash structure, bonded on the black cotton band. Mink lash extensions can help you achieve a very curly and natural lash look than any other type.

Synthetic fiber lashes are the most popular, you can spend less to get charming eye makeup look, and synthetic lashes are much cheaper than real mink eyelash extensions.

How Lash Extensions Are Applied?​

Compared with the lash strip application method, it is much more difficult to apply for lash extensions. The main method to wear lash extensions is using the cyanoacrylate adhesive (special lash glue for lash extension application, different from the regular lash glue) to apply the lash extensions to the natural, and leave a 1-2 mm gap from the root of the natural lashes. Never ever make contact with the eyelids, to avoid some potential harm to eyelid skin.

Before doing lash extensions, you have to do allergy testing to avoid lash adhesive allergies, this is the basic important step at the very beginning of applying lash extensions to your real lashes.

And, it is recommended that you need to find an experienced lash artist or lash extension technician to do lash extensions for you, because it is much more difficult and complicated, compared to applying lash strips.

Foil Backed Strip As the Lash Base

foil backed strip for lash extension
foil backed strip for lash extension

It’s pretty easy to remove lash extensions from the lash tray, due to the foil-backed strip. You can use the lash extension tweezer to tear up the lash extensions from one side of the storage card, without any residue. And the foil paper strip is super suitable to keep lash extensions well on the lash tray, without any lash loss.

The foil paper is also sanitary to keep your lash extensions clean all the time, and no worries about extra adhesion of the lash root. Because the foil surface is smooth, our lash extension rows adhere to the foil-backed strips. This is the basic important key to making it much easier for you to tear up the individual lashes from the lash tray, without losing lashes.

What Does 2D/3D/4D/5D+ Mean?

3d 4d 5d lash extension

Have you heard of 2D lashes, 3D lashes, 4D lashes, 4D, and plus? So what are the differences with all of these D’s?

It’s quite simple, “D” refers to the lash extension dimensions in the following:

2D means 2 lash extension strands to the natural lash hair;

3D means 3 lash extension strands to the natural lash hair;

4D means 4 lash extension strands to the natural lash hair;

5D means 5 lash extension strands to the natural lash hair;

6D means 6 lash extension strands to the natural lash hair; …

And in the lash extension industry, you can even get 12D lash extensions, consist 12 lash extension strands grouped together to create a dramatically thick lash look.

2D, and 3D lash extensions can be selected if you prefer the natural style lash look, and this style of lash extension is suitable for your daily life and working days; 4D, and 5D is much more dramatic compared with the regular lash look, and you can choose these styles for your makeup look. 6D, 7D, and plus, is too dramatic, you can get these looks for some special events, such as dancing parties, Halloween parties, themed makeup parties and etc.

Of course, you can choose some of them according to your conditions, many factors can be considered, such as your desired length, thickness, curl, weight, and even just like it.

Here, you can feel free to contact us at any time if you are confused about the lash extension selection, and we can recommend you all of the trending lash extension styles in the market to help you make a decision.

Different Lash Extension Types

lash extension tray

Here are many different types of lash extensions in the lash industry, that is varied in materials, lengths, curls and etc.

Different Materials

Many types of raw materials can be made for lash extensions, including Korean PBT, silk fiber, faux mink and etc.

Korean PBT lash extension is the most popular lash extension in the market, which comes from Korea, and Korean PBT lash extensions can hold well on your lashes, to stay up to weeks even a month without falling out. Most clients love to choose the PBT eyelash extensions to get a glam lash look.

Silk lash extensions are not light and long-lasting like the Korean PBT lash extensions, designed with a “fake” look.

Faux mink lash extensions are made of mink hair, derived from mink animals, super natural. Mink lash extensions are born with a natural texture, similar to human hair to the largest extent. You will feel comfortable wearing mink lash extensions, with the feeling without anything. So mink lash extensions are the most expensive, and you can choose the ones you like according to your desire and budget.

Different Lengths

lash extension lengths

Flexible for you to choose different lengths, and generally, the lash extension length starts with 7mm or 8mm, and then longer ones are 10mm, to 15mm; also dramatic lash extensions are even 25mm. You can determine the lengths of your look according to your desired condition.

Shorter lash extensions stand with the natural styles, longer lash extensions can bring a dramatic style to you; you can choose any lengths to satisfy your needs on different occasions.

Here are some conditions that you can consider:

Natural lash extensions are best for your daily life and business hours;

Dramatic lash extensions are ready for some special events, such as Christmas, Halloween parties, dancing, banquet, etc;

You’d better avoid wearing too long lashes if you wear glasses, to ensure the lash extensions can’t brush your glasses as you blink.

You can choose your desired lengths in the following methods:

  • All lengths are the same in the one lash extension tray;
  • Different lengths are prepared in the one lash extension tray;
  • Hybrid lash extensions consist of different lengths, consisting of both classic lashes and volume lashes with a proper ratio. (30% class lashes, 70% volume lashes are the most popular hybrid lash extenison ratio. Classic VS Hybrid VS Volume Lash Extensions: Which Are Yours?

Welcome to contact us now to get full lengths of the lash extensions that we have in our lash extension manufacturer, and you can get a full lash extension catalog to order your desired lengths.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know more detailed info about the lash extension, please feel free to contact us at any time. Welcome to get free lash extension samples to open your lash business start-up!

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