Premade Fan: The Ultimate Guide to Premade Lash Fans

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premade fans


Here are various types of lash extensions, and the premade fan is popular for your to enhance your lashes to be much fluffy.

In this guide, I am happy to share with you all everything basically important about the premade fan.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Premade Fan?

premade fan
premade fan

A premade fan is a group of lashes, 2 to 8 individual lashes, that have been glued or heat bonded together at the lash base, to become a bunch of fanning lashes, looking like a fan.

The premade lash fans can be much easier for lash artists to do lash extensions for their clients, so they can achieve the fuller lash look without spending too much on lash training courses. Applying premade lash fans is much more friendly for the lash technician starter.

The premade lash fans are be dipped in the lash adhesive and then glued to the real lashes, without spending time to bond individual lashes to be bulk lash fans. For example: Here is the 4-lash premade lash fans in the image above, this can be helpful to achieve a fuller lash look for your clients.

Why Premade Fan Is Popular?

popular premade fan
popular premade fan

Premade lash fans are becoming more and more popular nowadays, there are more and more lash artists or lash technicians who are likely to join in the premade lash fan business.

It’s much easier to do premade lash extensions compared with regular lash extensions, this is a good chance for inexperienced lash artists without spending much lash training. Lash training will spend so much time and money before doing lash extensions for clients. So that the premade lash fans can be the first option for a lash artist, to start their lash career at ease at the very beginning.

Premade lash fans can be designed with a wide base, this can prevent the lash adhesive from wrapping around the lash extensions. In this way, premade lash fans are much easier to be applied to real lashes for clients. It’s a really good thing for a starter lash artist.

Volume lashes application is much more difficult than premade lash fans, this is the main reason why premade lash fans are appealing lash artists.

Glue-bonded VS Heat-bonded Premade Fans

glue-bonded vs heat-bonded premade fans
glue-bonded vs heat-bonded premade fans

Here are two types of premade lash fans, glue-bonded premade lash fans, and heat-bonded premade lash fans.

  • Glue-bonded Premade Fan: The glue-bonded premade lash fans are held together with the lash adhesive.
  • Heat-bonded Premade Fan: The heat-bonded premade lash fans are sealed together at the bottom using heat only.

Which premade lash fans are much better?

An experienced lash artist will recommend the heat-bonded premade lash fans for their clients, why? Here are some explanations.

The glue-boned premade lash fans will be added extra weight due to the additional lash adhesive, and the chunk lashes glue adhesive is heavy for real lashes. This is will result in over-weight lash extensions, to make it uncomfortable for your eyes. The foreign body sensation is bad for feeling.

What’s more, many clients may probably be allergic to the lash adhesive due to the certain chemicals inside, so glue-bonded premade fan extensions are not recommended, based on the health and safety consideration.

Heat-bonded Premade Lash Fans Are Recommend

heat-bonded premade lash fans
heat-bonded premade lash fans

Heat-bonded premade lash fans are much better than glue-bonded premade lash fans because they are much safer and healthier. The heating method can keep the premade lash extension in the proper fan shape, without using any lash adhesive.

Heat-bonded lash fans are helpful for experienced or skillful lash artists to improve their lash extension application level, to add depth, length, curl to achieve a stunning lash look for clients. Without using any lash glue, the heat-bonded lash fans are much light-weight, soft, and much more comfortable for your real lashes.

Well-designed premade lash fans can be removed from the lash tray easily and smoothly, and they can have great retention as their individual lashes are bonded together by the lash adhesive. Glue-bonded premade lash fans have less retention due to the adhesive glue.

Heat-bonded premade lashes can prevent adhesive clumping to avoid the potential hurts to clients’ eyes or detrimental effects on the health of eyes. And the unnecessary excessive weight of the natural lashes is much harmful to eye health and safety.

So the heat-bonded premade lashes are recommended for clients, and why not start from here.

2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 10D, 20D Premade Lash Fans

2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D, 8D, 20D premade fans
2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D, 8D, 20D premade fans

How many lashes bonded for a bond of premade lash fans?

Here are different dimensions of premade lash fans you can select, including 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, …, 10D, …20D premade lash fans.

2D premade lash fans mean that 2 lashes are bonded together at a base to make a bond of premade lash fans, 3D premade lash fans mean 3 lashes are bonded together at a base to make a bond of premade lash fans,  the same thing until 20D premade lash fans.

The number of lashes bonded together at the base can determine the volume of the premade lashes, more lashes attached will add more volume to the premade lashes. 10D premade lash fans, 20D premade lash fans are mega volume premade fans. Mega volume premade fans require more lashes, 10 lashes at least, 10D premade fans, to achieve the super thickness and volume for fanning lashes.

*D is used to describe the *lashes bonded together to create the different volumes of premade lashes, and this can affect the premade lash fan styles, more volume will add more fluff, thickness, to make your lashes look much more dramatic, fluffy, and thick.

So what effect, volume, or style about the premade lash fans do you desire, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Mixed Length Premade Lash Fan

mixed length premade fans
mixed length premade fans

Premade fans are designed to add much thickness, length & volume, and you can try on mixed lengths to make your lashes look more vividly natural, like your real lashes. We have mixed-length lash trays for your selection.

You can see the lengths marked on the right side of each row of the premade lash fan so that you can mix different lengths in the one lash set. A variety of lengths can be suitable to apply premade lash extensions to suit your current lash status. Fill your gap with longer premade lash fans, and add short lashes to your real long lashes, which can make your lash look more natural and specially designed.

Everyone has a different lash status, the mixed length premade lash set is flexible, friendly for lash extension application work.

Short Stem VS Long Stem Lashes

what are long stem lashes
what are long stem lashes

Here are two sorts of premade lash fans, based on the stem lengths, long stem, and short stem lashes.

Here is the comparison of long vs short stem lashes.

Short stem lashes are applied to get a lighter and natural look, and long stem lashes are aiming to create a dramatic and dense lash look. You can choose your preference according to your desired lash look.

Wide Fans VS Narrow Fans

wide fans vs narrow fans
wide fans vs narrow fans

Wide fans or narrow fans?

The same thing with the short stem lashes or long stem lashes. What fans you choose can be determined by what lash look you desire.

Final Thoughts

Overall.  this is the ultimate guide to the premade fan, and please feel free to contact us now to share your ideas about it. And welcome to get Free premade lash fan samples at any time if you are interested.

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