Wide Fans VS Narrow Fans: What Are Differences Between Them?

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wide vs narrow lash fans


Lash application is not an easy task, you have to learn some basics about lash extensions.

Today I will share with you about the wide fans vs narrow fans.

Let’s dive into this guide!

What Are Wide Fans?

wide fans
wide fans

Let’s begin with the wide fans. Wide lash fans are designed with a visibly wide lash base, which can give you a fluffier lash look. Commonly, the short stem lashes have a wide base, these are wide fans.

Wide lash fans can help you amplify the volume of the lash extensions, to make your eyelashes look more fluffy.

What Are Narrow Fans?

narrow fans
narrow fans

Compared with wide fans, narrow fans are suitable for those having lots of natural lashes. Narrow lashes are the best option to achieve dramatic lashes, with greater density and volume.

The narrow fans are applied to the real lashes, and then bonded together with natural lashes, to make people’s lashes look more voluminous, and dramatic.

Commonly, narrow fans have long stems, that can allow a larger bonding area to the natural lashes. So the narrow fans can get greater retention compared to the wide fans, due to the bigger bonding contact area.

Wide Fans VS Narrow Fans

wide fans vs narrow fans
wide fans vs narrow fans

Here is the comparison of narrow vs wide lash fans.

Narrow fans, long stem lashes, suitable to create a dramatic and dense lash look;

Wide fans, and short stem lashes, are suitable to create a natural and light lash look.

And here is a middle option to widen your selection, wider than narrow fans, thinner than wide fans.

It’s flexible to choose wide fans or narrow fans to finish your lash set, and also you can choose to customize the lash set with the mixed wide fans or slim fans.


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