YY Lashes: The Complete Guide to YY Lash Extensions

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yy lashes


Here are various types of lash extensions in the lash industry. Today I am happy to share with you YY lashes.

Let’s dive into YY lash extensions.

What Are YY Lashes?

yy lashes
yy lashes

YY lashes the newly designed volume lash extensions, these are YY-shaped lash extensions. With the development of the lash industry, YY lashes are becoming more and more popular, and nowadays YY lash extensions are the trendy lashes for clients to do lash extension applications.

It’s really easy to recognize what YY lashes look like, with the help of YY shape. YY-shaped eyelash extensions are made of 4 flat premade fans, to achieve a “YY” shape.

What Are YY Lashes for?

yy lash extensions
yy lash extensions

YY lashes are ideal for your eyelash extension application, which can bridge the gap of classic lashes and volume lashes, and YY lashes are also premade fans, with a special YY shape.

YY lashes are made of Korean PBT fiber, which is soft and comfortable for you to get the natural lash look, and YY lashes’ texture is softer and lighter.

Why Choose YY Lashes?

YY lashes can create a fluffier, softer effect for your lash extensions, to add more volume to your real lashes. YY premade lashes are super suitable for those who desire lightweight and natural eye lash extensions.

Compared with other lash extensions, YY lashes have greater retention, and it’s much more comfortable for your lash extension application.

How to Pick YY Lashes?

how to pick yy lashes
how to pick yy lashes

Here is the guide telling you how to pick YY lashes, (YY lash fans), and you can grab the YY lashes using the tweezer to pick up the lashes in the middle, between the top and bottom of the lash extensions. It is basically important to keep YY lashes intact before the lash base has been split into a YY shape.

Here are two methods to help you pick up the YY lashes properly, without making them messy and cluster.

  1. And also you can pick up one lash of YY lashes from the lash tray.
  2. You can lift up the YY lashes from the lash root using the tweezer, yes, to pick up the half part under the YY split.

Here is a video showing you how to pick up YY lashes.

How Long YY Lashes Can Last?

how long yy lashes last
how long yy lashes last

YY lashes are one of the popular lash extensions, and you can apply YY lashes to make your lashes look longer, fluffier, and vividly curly. So how long can YY lashes last on your eyelids?

As a matter of fact, YY lashes can stay on your eyes for a long period, so YY lashes can last 6 to 8 weeks, and even they can last longer if you have done great treatment to YY lashes.

The time they can stay on can be determined by many factors, what beauty products you use for your YY lash extensions, your life habit, and also depends on your lash growth cycle. You know that the lash extensions will fall out due to your new lash growth, because lash extensions, including YY lashes, are applied to your real lashes, rather than in contact with your eyelids directly.

Where Are YY Lashes Applied?

yy lash application
yy lash application

YY lashes are used to enhance your natural lashes to be much more dramatic, fluffy, fluttery, or thick, without using any strip false lashes, or mascara. These YY-shaped lash fans can make your real lashes look surprisingly beautiful.

YY lashes need to be applied 0.5mm to 0.1mm away from your skin, along with your lash line. YY lash fans can be applied on half of your real lashes, but without being too close to your skin. In a word, YY lash fans are placed at a location 0.5mm to 0.1mm from your eyelids, due to sensitive eye area skin.

If you apply the YY lashes too closer to your skin, this will result in some potential allergic issues, because of certain chemicals in the lash adhesive. The lash glue will block the hair follicles on the lash line, which will result in the infection doing some damage to your real lash growth.

Some Cautions

yy eyelash extension side effect
yy eyelash extension side effect

Lash extensions aren’t the real lashes, so you’d better attach the YY lashes away from your skin, to avoid some eyelash extension side effects, such as itching, redness, puffiness, etc.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the YY lashes happily.

Use the right lash glue: And choose the right lash glue (special lash glue adhesive for lash extension application, rather than the regular lash glue), to lower the risk of allergies. It is necessary to do an allergy test before using the lash adhesive. And also don’t use too much lash glue, to avoid the clumpy lash look.

Not too heavy: Don’t apply too many YY lashes on your lashes, and YY lashes designed with different diameters can result in different thicknesses. Don’t apply too heavy YY lashes on your thin natural lashes, this will result in being overweight to add extra pressure to your lashes. The lighter the better.

Not too long: Please be serious about the lash length selection. Don’t expect too long YY lashes, that will result in some potential issues because too long YY lash fans will add extra weight. We recommend that you’d better choose the regular lengths, from 8mm to 10mm. Not too long, only 2-3mm longer than your real lashes.

And if you want to do YY lash extensions, please find an experienced & skilled lash technician to help you with the lash extension application, don’t try it on yourself if you don’t have any clue. And lash extension application is skillful, you need to do some lash training before you can get familiar.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is the complete guide to YY lashes. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the YY lashes.

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