Flat Lashes VS Classic: Why Flat Lashes Are Better Than Classic Lashes?

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flat vs classic lash extensions


Today I am happy to share with you these two popular lash extensions, flat lashes vs classic.

See what are differences between flat lashes and classic lashes. Why flat lashes are much better?

Let’s dive into this guide to flat lashes vs classic.

What Are Flat Lashes?

flat lashes vs classic lashes
flat lashes vs classic lashes

Because of the ellipse base, the flat lashes can also name ellipse flat lashes, and there can exist much more bonding area on the ellipse lash base. And the flat eyelash extensions can be attached to the real lashes firmly, without any gap, making lash extensions and real lashes bond together much closer. The greater bonding area can add lash extension retention.  So flat lashes are not easier to fall out compared to regular classic lashes.

The lash base of the flat lashes is super special, designed with split tips, and double-tapered ends. Flat lashes can be applied on the top or bottom of the natural lashes due to their flat shape. The ellipse flat lashes extensions are popular in the lash market now, and please feel free to contact us now to get a quote.

flat lashes with split tips
flat lashes with split tips

Flat eyelash extensions flat lashes in a mixed tray bond seamlessly with the natural lash. The split tip and matte texture ensure a strong bond. Supplied on a strip in trays. Each strip contains the same lengths.

classic lashes

Classic lashes are designed with a round, circular lash base, with the same shape as your natural lashes growing on your eyelash line, rather than a flat lash base of flat lashes. Classic lashes are regular lashes, normal lashes, and also named “round lashes” because of the round lash base.

Classic lashes can create a subtle natural lash look, and you can locate the classic lashes on the top or bottom side of your natural lashes, and it’s much more flexible to apply classic lashes.

Flat Lashes VS Classic

flat lashes vs classic lashes
flat lashes vs classic lashes

Then there is the comparison of flat lashes vs classic lashes. What are the differences between them?

Today I will show the comparison for flat lashes and classic lashes, and you can get the basically important knowledge about them, and then make a decision to choose the proper lash extensions for your clients if you are the owner of the lash extension shop, lash bar or beauty salon.

Here we go!

Flat lashes and classic lashes are totally different, here are some differences below:

Are Flashes Better Than Classic Lashes?

Flat lashes are well recommended compared with classic lashes, here are some reasons why flat lashes are welcomed.

  • Glue bonding surface: The bonding surface between lash extension glue is different. The bonding surface of flat lashes is larger compared with classic lashes due to the shape difference, so flat lashes can get better retention. Flat eyelashes can be applied much closer to your natural lashes, so flat lashes are firmer, that can keep for a much longer time.
  • Better adhesive: The flat lash extensions can be adhered to natural lashes better than classic lash extensions because of their shape. Flat lashes can be stuck much closer to natural lashes, making them more curly with better contact with the natural lash. So that you don’t need any extra lash glue to add the adhesive.
  • Denser and fuller: Flat lashes are perfect for you to create dramatic lashes, much denser and fuller compared with classic lashes. Flat lash extensions can reach a more dramatic lashing style.
  • Lighter: Flat lashes are much lighter than classic lashes because of their shape difference. The volume of the oval is much smaller than the ball. So you can recommend flat lashes for your clients if they prefer lightweight lashes. You can get more volume, darker lashes without using extra weight.
  • Extra definition – perfect for you to get a wispy or Kim K lash look. You can use flat eyelashes to achieve wispy lashes.

In summary, flat lashes are much lighter and softer, compared with conventional classic lashes. With the bigger contact area with your natural lashes, flat lashes can become authentic and vivid, whereas round-based classic lashes look “fake”.

flat lashes bonding surface

Flat lashes are much better, due to their wider bonding surface to offer retention, which can make your flat lashes stay on your lashes much longer. At the same time, flat lashes can do less damage to your natural lashes, without any extra weight.

Flat Lashes Vs Regular

conventional lashes vs cashmere lashes

Flat eyelash extensions vs regular? How do you differentiate the two?

As the name says, flat lashes are flat, designed with an oval-shaped base, whereas other types of lash extensions are rounded. This is the key you differentiating flat lash extensions from regular lash extensions.

Flat lash extensions vs round, I do recommend that you can choose the flat lashes for your lash extension application if you prefer softer lashes, that can stay up longer on your real lashes. Flat lashes extensions are alternative lashes that can enhance your lash look to become fluffier. You can see a big change in before and after flat lash extensions.


Final Thoughts

If you want to know more detailed info about flat lashes vs classic, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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