YY Lash Extension

YY lash extensions are 100% handmade lash extensions, manufactured with premium Korean PBT fiber. YY lashes are trending lash extensions for the professional lash technician to complete a perfect lash look for your clients.

Feature Highlights

  • 100% Korean PBT: Our yy lashes are made of Korean PBT fiber, well designed for professional lash technicians. All yy lash extensions are handmade to ensure the best quality.
  • Easy to pick: You can use the tweezer to pick or grab the yy lashes easily from the root.
  • Long Stem: YY lash extensions are designed with a long stem, super convenient to dip the lash adhesive to hold more to create retention.
  • Natural Curls: YY lash extensions have natural curls, suitable for you to achieve a natural lash look. You can get a no-makeup look using the natural YY lash extensions, to show off your beauty and confidence.
  • Various Lengths: You can choose your desired lengths, and mixed lengths are supported to be packed in the same lash extension tray.

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