W Lashes 4D Lash Extensions

W lashes 4D lash extensions are trending W shaped lash extensions, consisting of 4 single lashes, much fluffier than 3D W lash extensions.

Feature Highlights

  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE: 4D W lash extensions are super soft and comfortable for clients to do lash extensions. 
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of Korean PBT fibers, 4D W shaped lash extensions are much lighter and softer. Looks natural as your real lashes. Matte black, as natural as your own eyelashes. Cruelty-free and vegan. No glue residue, waterproof and have stable curl, grafting effect can be maintained for a long time.
  • EASY TO USE: 4D W-lashes are designed with a long and thin base (trident-shaped), which is much easier for you to dip their root in the lash adhesive. 
  • DIFFERENT SIZES: We can provide premium 4D W lash extensions, with all sizes, varied in lengths, diameters, curls, etc, you can choose the trending 4D W lashes in the lash industry.

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