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lash extension cost


Are you looking for lash extensions at affordable prices, this is the guide to lash extension cost.

In this blog, you can get a clue about how much money you can spend on your eye makeup effect.

Let’s dive in.

At A Glance

Lash extensions are a good investment for you to improve your look to the next level, and you can apply lash extensions to enhance your makeup to be much better.

I am happy to share with you that you can wear lash extensions to pop your eyes to be much brighter and shinner than they really are, giving you a better feeling to stand out in the audience.

You can keep your finished lash extensions on your eyes for up to weeks, and say Goodbye to traditional lash strips, and you can save much time and money on eyelashes in your daily life.

Overall, lash extensions can be the better alternative for you to achieve a better lash look without needing to wear false lashes every day.

What Is the Average Lash Extension Price?

lash extension cost
lash extension cost

To be honest, lash extension prices are different, there are many factors that can differ lash extension prices, including raw material, lengths, thicknesses, curls, styles, colors and etc.

And the average lash extension cost is about 150$, with quality assurance. And some lash extensions can be much more expensive due to the lash artists’ techniques, up to 250$ approximately.

The selection of the lash extensions is the basic important factor to ensure that you can enjoy the lash extensions with health and safety because the lash extensions are applied directly to your real lashes, very closer to your eyes.

Here is table below for your conference:

Eyelash Extensions CostClassic Full SetClassic RefillHybrid Full SetHybrid RefillVolume Full SetVolume RefillLash Removal
Average Price$164.00$71.00$192.00$84.00$227.00$95.00$40
Median Price$150.00$65.00$183.00$75.00$215.00$88.00$38
Minimum Price$80.00$30.00$100.00$55.00$113.00$40.00$25
Maximum Price$375.00$160.00$345.00$220.00$400.00$275.00$60
Standard Deviation$48.27$21.28$50.88$24.95$62.15$34.05$7.58

The lash extension cost is pretty higher than other lashes, it’s necessary to ensure the quality of the lash extensions before doing lash extensions to your eyes. Health and safety matter the most.

What Factors Can Determine Lash Extension Price?

lash extension price factors
lash extension price factors

The lash extension price is determined by different factors, so it’s much harder to fix the lash extension price. So we only can get to know the average lash extension price in the lash industry, and you need to talk about the detailed lash extension price with your lash artist in the beauty salon, who can do the lash extensions on your eyes finally.

Here I list some popular factors that can determine the cost of lash extensions:

  • Style: Various lash extension styles to widen your selection, including classic, volume, mega volume, hybrid, wispy and etc. Different styles are valued at different prices.
  • Material: Of course, the raw material can also decide how much lash extensions can value, from synthetic, fiber, mink fur and etc.
  • Duration: The full set of lash extensions would take 2-3 hours to complete, and you need to spend less time and money if you only need to refill half-set lash extensions. And thicker, more dramatic lash extensions will take a longer time to finish, which will cost a higher price.
  • Lash Artist’s Technique: An experienced and skilled lash artist will normally ask for a higher price. Easy to understand the importance of the lash technician, the more popular the lash salon you choose, the higher price that could be.

Others: The lash extension prices needed to be determined by various factors, not only the 4 above. Please don’t be hesitate to contact us to get detailed prices about the lash extension cost from us, and we are the lash extension manufacturer to provide you the lash extensions directly if you were the lash bar/beauty salon owner, lash artist/technician.

How Much Does Lash Extension Cost

how much lash extension cost

Compared with strip false lashes, lash extensions are much more experience. The lash extensions can last up to 4~5 weeks, but a pair of strip lashes can only be worn 5~10 times, so you can save time and budget at the same time as a whole.

So what is the average cost for lash extensions?

And the average cost of lash extensions is approximately 100$ to 300$ for full set of lash extensions and a further 50$ for a refill. They are worth the cost because you can save a lot of time of applying false lashes. The cost for lash extensions could be lower if you only go for a fill-in application.

Semi-permanent lash extensions cost much higher than disposable false strip lashes, but they can last up to weeks. They can last longer if you can take care of your lashes well.


If you wait longer to go for a fill-in session, then the number of lashes that falls out will increase which will again cost you more. Therefore, make sure to get refills done quickly to save money!



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