How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

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lasting lash extensions


Compared with regular false lashes, the lash extensions are the best alternatives for you to get a glam lash set that can last much longer.

What Advantages of Lash Extensions

advantages of lash extensions
advantages of lash extensions

Are you struggling with your false lashes every day? The lash extensions can say No to disposable false lashes, and the lash extensions can help you achieve a glam lash look with a long duration of up to weeks, without needing to apply false lashes every time.

You can enjoy the beautiful lash look after a one-time application.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

how long do lash extensions last

The lash extensions can last much longer on your eyes compared with the traditional strip lashes, up to 6~8 weeks until they naturally fall out with your natural lashes. They can last much longer if you take care of lash extensions well.

You can make an appointment to do refills if you find your lash extensions are falling out, to refill in the missing gap to achieve the full set lash extension look.

How to Make Lash Extensions Last Longer?

long-lasting lash extensions

Here are some tips that can help your lash extensions last longer.

 Clean Your Lash Extensions

Please clean your lash extensions to keep them clean and tidy all the time, and avoid tangled or plumed lash extensions. You can use the special lash shampoo to clean your lash extensions entirely.

Choose Proper Lash Extensions

Please choose the right lash extension to suit you, and you can get some suggestions from experienced lash technicians to get the most suitable lash extensions, to achieve the best lengths, weight, and curls for your lash look.

Lash Extension Length Guide for Your Desired Lash Extension Lengths

Lash Curl Chart: The Complete Guide to Eyelash Extension Curl Chart

Lighter Lash Extensions

Light weight lash extensions are much better, light lash extensions are much easier for you to take care of. Never choose too heavy lash extensions to cause the extra load to your natural lashes. We can

Thick lash extensions are often more substantial than thin extensions. Consequently, thicker lashes often peel and fall out quickly. It’s often advisable to ask your laser technician to use lighter lash extensions so that they can stay on longer.


Use an eye cover made for lashes when sleeping

Use eye makeup made for eyelash extensions

Apply a lash sealant

Use an oil-free face cleanser and makeup remover

Brush them regularly

Don’t touch your lashes or eyes

Avoid water and steam for 24 hours

Use a light-weight eye cream

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