Lash Curl Chart: The Complete Guide to Eyelash Extension Curl Chart

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lash curl chart


The eyelash extensions are designed with different curls, and here we have the lash curl chart for eyelash extension selection.

The lash curls can determine the lash styles, and you can select your desired eyelash extensions based on the lash curls.

This is the lash extension curl guide, based on the lash curl chart.

Let’s dive into the lash curl chart. Here we go!

Lash Curl Is the Key Factor in Select Eyelash Extensions

You need to know about the eyelash extension curl before eyelash extension application, here are some factors helping you select your desired eyelash extensions.

5 preferences for eyelash extensions:

The eyelash extension curls are different, which can define your eyelash look overall.

Here are some popular lash curls for eyelash extensions.

lash extension curls

From J curl to L+ curl, here are various curls for you to choose for your eyelash extension application. And now you can see what the eyelash curls look like, and then let’s see the eyelash extension curl chart.

Here is a table showing the different lash extension curls:

Curl TypeDescriptionLook
J CurlThe most natural curlSubtle lift
B CurlSlightly more dramatic than J curlGentle curve, slight lift
C CurlMore noticeable curve and liftDramatic look
D CurlThe most dramatic curlBold, noticeable curve and lift

It’s important to note that lash extension curls may be labeled differently depending on the brand or manufacturer. It’s always best to consult with a professional lash artist to choose the right curl type for you.

Here is a table showing the different lash extension curls:

Curl TypeDescriptionLook
J CurlThe most natural curlSubtle lift
B CurlSlightly more dramatic than J curlGentle curve, slight lift
C CurlMore noticeable curve and liftDramatic look
D CurlThe most dramatic curlBold, noticeable curve and lift
L CurlLash extensions that are straight with a slight curl at the endLifts and lengthens, gives a natural look

Eyelash Extension Curl Chart

eyelash extension curl chart
eyelash extension curl chart

Let me explain the eyelash extension curl chart to you guys, one by one.

Lash Extension Curl Types

Here are various lash extension curl types in the lash industry, and you choose the suitable lash extension curl for your clients. The proper types of lash extension curls can achieve the perfect lash effects.

Subtle Curls (J, B Curl)

J curl eyelash extensions can offer a soft curl, seeming J curl lashes are flat lashes, and J curl lash extensions can get excellent retention to the lash glue. Because you can dip the J curl lash extensions in the lash glue with the contact area. And the root of the J curl lashes can dip more lash glue drop.

J curl eyelash extensions and B curl eyelash extensions are supernatural, not having big curls, and these eyelash extensions can be applied well like real eyelashes.

B Curl Eyelash Extensions

B curl eyelash extensions are less slightly straight and flat than J curl lash extensions, B curl eyelash extensions can give a better lift compared to the J curl eyelash extensions. For the clients, you can recommend B curl eyelash extensions to them if they prefer subtle curly lashes, but not that dramatic.

B curl lashes are the eyelash extensions with the naturally curled lash, b curl lash extensions are flat lashes, compared with CC curl lashes. Clients can select the b curl volume lashes to get the vividly charming eyelash look.

lash extension curls

Different styles of B curl lashes that you can provide, including b curl classic lashes, b curl volume lashes. The salon’s perfect b curl lashes could be the best choice that you can recommend to your clients because the classic b curl lashes can’t look so “fake”.

Please go to a beauty salon or a lash bar to find an experienced lash artist to do the b curl individual lashes for you, and then get the most significant natural lashes on your eyes. B curl for lash extension is really suitable for your daily makeup look.

If you have questions about the B lash curl, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Dramatic Curls (C, CC, D Curls)

And then let’s see the eyelash extensions with bigger curls, much curly than J curl eyelash extensions and B eyelash extensions.

C Curl Eyelash Extensions

C curl lashes, c curl lash extensions, are also the slightly curly lashes, c curl eyelashes, classic c curl lashes.

C curl eyelash extensions are super suitable for you to get the slightly curly lashes, to achieve a natural lash look. 15mm c curl lash extensions are perfect for your daily makeup look, with the natural style.

C curl lashes are intended to create natural makeup for clients who are white-collars working in the office, businesswomen, and many other women or girls without needing any dramatic lash look in their daily life.

CC/D curl lashes are super similar to the curl lashes, and these eyelash extensions are perfectly suitable for girls having downward-angled lashes, lashes. If you want to enhance your makeup look to be brighter, making your lashes lifted, you can choose to use CC/D curl lashes to achieve this look.

If you have hooded eyelids or droopy eyes, why not try to apply some lift-angled curly eyelash extensions to improve your eye makeup look, to give yourself stunningly beautiful eyelashes with bigger curls, to widen your eyes to be open.

If you are addicted to eye makeup so that you can’t miss out on these dramatic CC curl lashes and D curl lashes.

Lifted Curls (M, L, L+ Curls)

M curl eyelash extensions can give you the opposite effect to J curl eyelash extensions can give, and you can see that M curl eyelash extensions are designed with the flat lash base, the root part is flat, and the upward part lash is super curly.

M curl eyelash extensions are designed especially for lifting downward-angled lashes so that you can choose to apply M curl lashes if your real natural lashes are super droopy. And the upward dramatic lash half can lift your natural lashes to be upwards. It is really helpful to create a wide-eye makeup effect, to make your eyes look much bigger and brighter than they really are.

Because of the dramatic upward angle, you will be able to give a lash lift and create a wide-eye effect. M curl is not recommended for clients with hooded eyelids or upward angled natural lashes.

L/L+ curl eyelash extensions are designed with the flat lash root or lash base too, you can get the perfectly ultimate eyelid lift using these L curl lashes.  L/L+ are perfectly suitable for some people who have deep-set eyes, droopy eyelids.

L+ lashes are slightly curly than L lashes, and aged women whose eyes are droopy because of age changes can choose these L curl lashes. They are well designed with the lifting effect to create a lifting eye makeup look.

Here are also many different eyelash extension curls, you can select the best-curled lashes to suit your makeup look.

Lash Extension Curls and Angles

lash extension curls and angles

Here is a table showing the most common lash extension curls and their angles:

Lash Extension CurlCurl AngleDescription
J35°A subtle, natural-looking curl for those with straight lashes.
B45°A slightly more dramatic curl for those with straight or slightly upward-facing lashes.
C55°A medium curl that is suitable for most lash types and styles.
CC90°A more dramatic curl works well for downward-facing lashes or those with hooded eyes.
D65°A highly dramatic curl creates a bold, glamorous look.
LStraightA straight lash extension with a sharp tip, is suitable for creating a dramatic cat-eye effect.
MStraightA straight lash extension with a rounded tip, suitable for creating a natural, wispy look.

It’s important to note that the angle of the lash extension curl should be based on the natural angle of the client’s lashes to create a seamless, natural look. A lash artist can help determine the appropriate curl angle based on the client’s natural lash angle and desired style.

How to Choose the Best Lash Curl?

choose lash extension curls

Choosing the right lash extension curls is an essential part of achieving a perfect lash look. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the appropriate lash extension curl type:

  1. Consultation with a Lash Artist: Consulting with a lash artist is crucial in choosing the right lash extension curl. They can assess your natural lash type, eye shape, and personal style to determine which curl type will complement your eyes best.
  2. Natural Lash Angle: The natural angle of your lashes is a crucial factor in choosing the appropriate lash extension curl. Lashes that angle downwards work best with curlier lash extensions, while upward-facing lashes benefit from softer curls.
  3. Personal Style: Your personal style plays a significant role in determining the best lash extension curl type. For a natural look, select a lash extension that matches your natural lash pattern. For a dramatic look, opt for a lash extension with a noticeable curve.
  4. Eye Structure: The shape of your eyes can influence the lash extension curl you choose. Deep-set eyes work best with softer curls, while bulging or protruding eyes benefit from a lash extension with a more natural curve.
  5. Glasses: Clients who wear glasses should select a slightly stronger lash extension curl, as overly straight curls can touch the lenses and cause discomfort. You need to choose the proper lash extension with glasses.

In summary, the right lash extension curl type depends on several factors, including the natural angle of your lashes, your personal style, the structure of your eyes, and whether you wear glasses. Consulting with a lash artist can also help you make the best choice for your individual needs.

Final Thoughts

This is overall about the lash curl chart, and please welcome to contact us to get the lash curl chart. Please feel free to contact us to get a free lash extension curl chart now.

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