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Lash Extensions with Glasses: What Lengths, Curls Are Better?

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lash extensions with glasses


I do believe that you can enjoy a beautiful lash look if you wear the glasses, and in this post, I am happy to share with you something important about how to choose the best lash extensions with glasses.

Can You Do Lash Extensions if You Wear Glasses?

Of course, you can still wear lash extensions, but please remember that you could choose the lash extensions with proper lengths, or curls to avoid brushing your glasses.

That is to say, you’d better choose the shorter lash extensions, that can reach your glass lenses.

You have to make an appointment with your experienced lash technician to communicate and work out the best solution for the lash extension selection. They can help you measure the approximate distance between your eyes and glasses, to limit the maximum length of the lash extensions you are gonna get.

No worries, the experienced lash artist will design the lash extension mapping to set a perfect lash look, the lash mapping is the guide to locating what lengths for each section of a full set of lash extensions.

What Length Lashes to Wear With Glasses?

The lash extensions with glasses have to be designed with the proper lengths, to prevent eyelashes touching glasses.

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