Lash Extensions with Color: Secret Weapon to Pop Your Lash Look

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multi-color lash extensions


Have you tried lash extensions with color to change your lash look, you can see thousands of bloggers who share a lot of beautiful images to show the lash beauty of after wearing colored lash extensions.

If you are not sure so much about lash extensions with color, please read this blog below to know more details about colored lash extensions.

What Are Colored Lash Extensions?

pop of color lash extensions

First things first, let’s start with the basics of the lash extensions with color, and get to know what colored lash extensions are.

And the lash extensions with color are popular on Instagram, and you can see get many

Here, we can provide all trending colored lash extensions for clients to select, and please don’t hesitate to ask for the lash extension colors from us now.

Colored Volume Lash Extensions

colored volume lash extensions
colored volume lash extensions

Colored Volume Lash Extensions are a new type of eyelash extension that is made up of multiple lash extensions applied to one natural lash. The result is a voluminous, thick lash line with a pop of color. The colored lash extensions come in a range of colors, from natural-looking browns and blacks to more vibrant and fun colors like blue, green, and purple.

Colored Volume Lash Extensions offer numerous benefits. One of the most significant benefits is the versatility they provide. The range of colors available allows you to customize your look, from a natural everyday look to a bold, statement-making look.

Another benefit is the convenience they offer. With colored volume lash extensions, you no longer need to spend time applying mascara or worrying about clumps or smudging. The extensions provide a natural-looking, full lash line that lasts for weeks, allowing you to wake up each day looking and feeling your best.

Why Lash Extensions with Color?

Here are many advantages of lash extensions with color, and why color lash extensions are trending now?

Unique Lash Look

color lash extensions lash look

Do you desire to own a unique lash look that makes you stand out in the audience? If you do, you can find an experienced lash artist to do colored lash extensions for you.

I do believe the colorful lash extensions can enhance your lash look to the next level, a specially-designed colored lash extension can show off your personality.

The colored lash extensions can add a pop of color to improve your lash look, and you can choose the lash extensions with combined color to create a perfect lash effect. For example, you can choose a combination of blue and pink lash extensions to create an incredible lash look for a certain themed occasion.

Brighten Your Eyes

You can recommend lash extensions with bright colors to brighten the lash look, and perfect lash extensions dyed with color can add many wonders to full makeup look. Cool lash extensions can pop your eyes to become more charming.

How to Choose Proper Lash Extensions Colors?

lash extension colors

Here are some colored lash extension ideas that you can consider to choose the lash extensions with right color for your clients.

Fit Eye Color

Things first, you can consider your clients’ eye color, you can recommend some colors that can pop up eyes for clients who have dark eyes. Good lash extension colors include purple, blue and etc.

You can recommend some complementary lash extension colors to fit the light eye colors, color blending can show off the aesthetics of the colored lash extensions. Of course, you can refer to their favorite colors to decide what lash extension color in the end.

Fit Daily Clothing

Lash extensions with color can fit your clothing style, color, and pattern. Color blending is basically important to show off your special personality, and you can choose the trending color combination that can fit the most clothing you like to wear in your daily life.

You’d better avoid some strange lash extension colors, such as yellow, and red, which is not suitable for most occasions. It is much harder for you to change lash extension colors at any time because lash extensions are long-lasting up to weeks compared with the regular strip lashes that can remove every day.

How to Apply Colored Lash Extensions?

apply colored lash extensions
The lash extension application is an important method to get a perfect lash look, and you need to find an experienced lash technician to help you achieve the colored lash extension application.

Here are some factors you need to consider to apply colored lash extensions.

Proper Lash Adhesive

You can recommend the special lash adhesive glue designed for the lash extension application, and you can choose the black lash adhesive to apply regular black lash extensions because the black lash adhesive glue can be hidden well with the black lash extensions.

And you need to choose the clear lash adhesive to apply colored lash extensions, which can allow the lash extension colors to show off to be much more visible.

Enough Time

The colored lash extension application will take more time compared with the regular lash extensions, and you need to spend much more time communicating with your clients about all details of their desired lash look.

The colored lash extension styling will play an important role to complete the overall lash look. You need to discuss with your clients to ensure all details, please be patient about the consulting time, this can help you avoid some potential problems during the lash extension application process.

Lash Extension Map

Don’t forget to create the lash extension map before you apply colored lash extensions. The lash extension mapping is the guide to tell you how to locate the lash lengths, colors, and how many lash hairs are needed in a certain section.

Popular Colored Lash Extensions

Here are some popular colored lash extension ideas that can give you some inspiration, I do believe these can help you get a fabulous lash look.

Colored Lash Extensions White

colored lash extensions white

This style of colored lash extensions is designed well with the combination of black and white. The white lash spikes are added to the end of the black lash extensions, to achieve a stunning lash look.

The white lash extensions are super fashionable with a splash of white, to improve your conventional lash extension look to the next level.

The lash extensions with white can show off your personality and preferences well, to tell something special about you. Regularly, black and white lash extensions are trending in the lash salon, you can tell your lash technician to add some white lash extension spikes to the outer end of your lash extension set, to achieve the lash extensions with white ends.

Glitter Colored Lash Extensions

glitter lash extensions

Glitter lash extensions are also the best option for you to do for clients to achieve a stunning lash look, which can pop up the eyes to be eye-catching.

Here are some methods that can achieve the glitter lash extension effect.

  • Use the glitter lash extensions
  • Use the glitter powder to dye the regular lash extensions
  • Use the glitter lash fibers to add glam to the overall lash look
  • Use colored glitter mascara to achieve the glitter look

Overall, the glitter lash extensions are cool and fun, which can give you an inspiring lash look.

Ombre Lash Extensions

ombre lash extensions
ombre lash extensions

Ombre lash extension is also a good option for clients to choose from, which can create a gradient lash look.

Two-tone colored lash extensions are suitable for your natural lash to look so you can choose the Ombre to lash extensions for your daily makeup routine.

Popular Colored Lash Extensions

Here are some trending lash extensions with colors, that are widely selected by clients.

pink lash extensions

Pink Lash Extensions

Do you like the lash extensions with pink? The light pink lash extensions are cute for you to create a special lash look for you to be in special events. I do believe that you will like the hot pink lash extensions, and welcome to contact us at any time if you are looking for chemical pink eye lash extensions to change your lash effect.

Yellow Lash Extensions

Yellow lash extensions are trending in the lash market, and you can choose these sparkling yellow eyelash extensions to add much enhancement to your overall lash look.

yellow lash extensions
red lash extensions

Red Lash Extensions

Clients will choose the red lash extensions to add much glam to the regular lash look, red eyelash extensions are dyed with fresh and bright red pigment.

Purple Lash Extensions

“Purple” is a mysterious, noble and special color, you can choose the purple lash extensions for your lash look enhancement if you were a singer or actress. The purple ombre lash extensions are attractive and eye-catching.

Final Thoughts

If you have any ideas about the lash extensions with color, please feel free to contact us now. And welcome to quote us now to get your desired colored lash extensions.

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