Heat Bonded Lashes VS Glue Bonded: Which One Is Better?

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heat bonded lashes vs glue bonded


Here are two types of premade lash fans in the lash market, include heat bonded premade fans, and glue bonded premade fans.

Heat bonded lash extensions and glue bonded lash extensions are trending in the lash extension field, and what are the differences between heat bonded lash extensions vs glue bonded?

What Are Heat Bonded Lash Extensions?

heat bonded lash extensions

Heat bonded means the lash fan is sealed together at the bottom only using heat. Heat bonded lash premade fans are the most popular lash extensions today.

Heat bonded lash fans are made using the double-heated approach. The lash extensions are placed in a row before heating, and base of the lash extensions will be heated to be melted together to attach to the natural lash.

What Are Glue Bonded Lash Extensions?

glue bonded lash extensions

As the name says, glue bonded lash extensions are attached to the natural lash using lash glue. The bonding glue is the method to adhere the lash extensions to natural lashes.

Why Heat Bonded Lash Extensions Are Preferred?

heat bonded premade fans

Here are many advantages of the heat bonded lashes compared with the glue bonded lashes.


Heated bonded lashes are lightweight, without any extra weight caused by lash adhesive. Heating is the method to melt lash extensions together to get ready for the lash extension application. That is to say, the heat is the main source to apply heat bonded lash extensions.

Heat bonded lash extensions are the best option to recommend to your clients if they prefer lightweight lash extensions. Additional lash glue will make lash extensions heavier, which not comfortable for people to use for a long time.

Keep Good Shape

The special heating method can keep lash extensions in a fan shape, without using any lash glue. Heat bonded lash extensions can achieve a perfect lash look, to achieve the desired length, curl, thickness, to clients’ natural lash.

No Lash Band

Heat bonded lash extensions are designed to achieve the natural lash look, with the feeling like without wearing anything. Heat bonded lash fans are bonded together at the root of the lash extensions using the heat method, no need to apply the lash glue to the lash band.

Final Thoughts

This is the guide about the differences between heat bonded lash extensions vs glue bonded, and please feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in the premade fans. Hope you can create the fabulous lash look for your clients.

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