Lash Extension Diameter: What Is Diameter in Lash Extensions?

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lash extension diameters


The lash extensions come in different diameters, and this is the article telling you what the diameter is in lash extensions.

What Is Diameter in Lash Extensions?

lash extension diameter

You know that there are different thicknesses for lash extensions, the thickness is the diameter. Also, the lash extension diameter is the width of the lash extensions. And different diameters can determine what the lash extension style will look like.

The lash extensions will be thicker and heavier with bigger diameters, that is to say, the lash extension diameter can add weight to the lash extensions.

You need to prepare many different lash extension diameters for your clients to select, from 0.03 to 0.20mm. The diameter of lash extensions can play an important role in the lash look effect, so it is basically important to choose the right lash extension diameter for your clients.

As an experienced lash technician, it is responsible for you to give the best diameter for classic lash extensions to your clients, and you can communicate with them to ensure all details of the lash extensions diameter.

Lash Extension Diameter Chart

lash extension diameter chart

It’s critical for clients to choose the right lash extension diameter (thickness) for a full set lash extension and the diameter of the lash extension can be determined by the natural lashes’ condition. Some thicker lash extensions are too heavy for natural ashes, because of extra weight added to the natural lash. This will cause poor retention and falling out problems of the lash extensions, and even do some damage to natural lashes.

The lash extension diameter chart is the guide to showing off the lash styles to your clients, and you can recommend some average lash extension diameters that are widely applied to your clients.

How to Choose Lash Extension Diameters?

lash extension diameters

You can choose the proper lash extension diameters according to these factors in the following.

  • In general, Asian natural lashes are much thinner than other ethnicities, this is the gene factor, and natural lashes of 50 aged women are much thinner than 20 aged women, this is the biological factor. So you can recommend different lash extension diameters based on what people your clients are. Normally, you only need to provide lash extension service to the people in a local place, that will be much easier.
  • You can communicate with your clients to ensure what lengths, curls, and thickness of the lash extensions they want, you can listen to them and give some good recommendations according to their preferences.
  • To estimate the condition of your client’s natural lashes, thinner lash extensions are suitable for clients who have shorter and weaker natural lashes. Thicker lash extensions, that are designed with higher diameters will bring some potential problems, such as low retention, not comfortable feelings, and even some allergic reactions.

Volume Lashes vs Cluster: What Are Differences Between Them?

lash extension diameters for different lash styles

You can see that the lash extension diameters can show off the lash styles, and here are some trending lash styles that you can choose from.

  • 1D: 0.15mm – 0.20mm, classic lashes, a single lash in a lash fan
  • 3D-6D: 0.07mm, 3-6 lashes on each lash fan, to achieve light-volume lash style
  • 5D-10D: 0.05mm, 5-10 lashes on each lash fan, to achieve full volume lash style
  • 10D-14D: 0.03mm, 10-14 lashes on each lash fan, to achieve mega volume lash style

You can choose the right number of lashes to achieve the desired lash extension diameter, and then you can get a perfect lash look based on the diameter of lash extensions.

Understanding of Lash Extension Diameters

An understanding of the lash extension diameters can ensure your clients’ natural lashes are safe and healthy for the lash extension application. The diameter of the lash extensions can determine how many lashes are in a lash fan.

How to Calculate Lash Extension Weight?

Thinner lash extensions can weight loss than thicker lash extensions, so it is important for you to choose the right lash extensions to choose different styles of lash extensions.

For example, You need to consider the lash extension diameter when you do the volume lash extensions for your clients, and here is what weight of lash extensions with different diameters.

Lash Extension Diameter (Thickness)Weight

You can calculate how weigh the lash extensions based on the lash extension diameter chart, you will know what lash extension diameters can be selected for your lash clients.

Final Thoughts

In a word, you can communicate with your clients to ensure all details to achieve their desired lash extensions. If any questions about the lash extension diameters, please feel free to contact your professional lash technician to get the best solution to get a perfect lash look.

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