Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions: An Ultimate Guide 2023

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pros and cons of lash extensions


Have you tried on the lash extensions for your lash enhancement? This is the ultimate guide to the pros and cons of lash extensions. Happy to share with you guys a lash extension pros and cons list for your reference if you make a decision to do lash extensions.

Pros of Lash Extensions

pros of lash extensions

If you are getting started with lash extensions, you have to know the pros of lash extensions and what advantages you can get from the lash extension application.

Semi-permanent Lash Extensions

Lash LookLash extensions are semi-permanent false lashes, so you can keep your subtle lash look up to 4~5 weeks so that you don’t need to wear false lashes every day. Yes, lash extensions are long-lasting, compared with regular strip false lashes, and they can stay intact for a very long time.

Differing from the false strip lashes, the lash extensions are bonded on your natural lashes, and they will be shed with falling-out lashes. So the lifetime of lash extensions can be determined by the natural lashes’ natural shedding cycle.

Your lash extensions can last longer if with proper care.



Lash extensions are waterproof, and you don’t worry about falling-off issues if your lash extensions get wet. The medical-grade lash extension adhesive is designed with high retention. You can brush them and keep them clean & tidy after getting wet, and they can stay on your eyes longer if you can take good care of your lashes extensions.

Save Your Time

You can skip the false lash application process to complete your daily makeup look after doing lash extensions in a lash salon. You can cut your daily makeup routine in half,

According to the statistics, you need to take 55 minutes to complete your full makeup, every morning. So the lash extensions are super cool to cut down your total makeup time, you can take this time to do other things.

No need for time spent on applying false lashes or removing false lashes, you can save a lot of time every day. Is it cool?

Natural Lash Look

Lash extension is the secret weapon to help you achieve the natural lash look, they look like your natural lashes if you choose the proper natural style lash extensions.

You can get the natural no-makeup look to show off your confidence and personality, I do believe that your besties would envy your natural lashes.

Say Goodbye to Lash Glue

Some are allergic to traditional lash glue, lash extensions are the best alternatives for you if you have an allergic reaction to the lash glue. The lash extension adhesive is specially designed for lash extension application, it is much safer and healthier.

What’s more, the lash extension is bonded on your natural lash, without any contact with your skin. So the lash extensions can lower the risk of getting allergic to using lash glue. You can forget many accidents caused by makeup.

Fully Customized Lash Look

Lash extensions are the best option for you to achieve your desired lash look because lash extensions are fully customized. And you can choose the lash extensions without any hesitation if you find the strip lashes or cluster lashes are not suit your eye shape.

Each experienced lash technician will design a lash extension mapping before doing lash extensions for you, lash mapping is the compass to organize the lash extension application with certainty.

You can get a 100% fully customized lash look, according to your eye shape, personality, preference and etc.

Comfortable Feeling

Lash extensions are applied on your natural lashes, rather than sewn onto your eyelids, without any contact with your eye skin. So you can feel comfortable with the lash extensions. Proper lash extension treatments are non-invasive and painless for your eyes.

 Avoid Mascara Mishaps

You don’t need to apply mascara to pop your lash extensions, to avoid the mascara smudges, and clumps. You can choose the proper lash extension styles to achieve the desired curl, so you can skip applying mascara.

Cons of Lash Extensions

cons of lash extensions

Overweight Cause Pain

Please choose the proper lash extensions before your lash extension application process. Thicker lash extensions will be heavier, which can add extra weight to your natural lashes. Overweight lash extensions can result in natural falling out, so you need to choose the proper lash extension diameters to avoid potential harm.

Don’t Do It Yourself

The lash extension application is much more complicated than regular strip false lashes, and you have to find an experienced lash artist or lash technician to complete the lash extension set for you. Don’t do it yourself at home if you are a lash beginner.

Please don’t be afraid to communicate with your lash technician if you have any questions about the lash extensions, a well-certificated lash technician is super important for you to ensure the lash effect. They are professional about how to bond lash extensions, and how to take care of lash extensions.

More Cost

The lash extension cost is much higher than disposable false lashes, and the average lash extension cost is 80$~300$, which seems much higher than the strip lashes. And lash extension pricing is determined by many factors, such as raw materials, types, full set or half set, also lash technician.


These are the pros and cons of the lash extensions above, and please feel free to contact us at any time to ask for the lash extension catalog.

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