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How to Remove Lash Extensions Safely? Hack Tips

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remove lash extensions


Lash extensions are the secret weapon for you guys to enhance your lash look with your desired styles, and do you know how to remove lash extensions safely?

Here are some tips that help you remove lash extensions.

Get Professional Help

It is much more complicated to remove lash extensions compared with conventional strip lashes, so please get professional help from an experienced lash technician. Lash extension removal is much more tricky, which can cause further damage to your natural lashes if done it incorrectly.

Clean Your Eyes Well

Before the lash extension removal process, please clean your eyes, to make them clean and tidy all the time. The cleaning process can avoid some potential infection reactions or other hurts.

Be Patient

It is a big task to remove the lash extension, please be patient. You need to communicate with your lash technician who complete the lash extension application for you. Don’t rush to get all lash extensions removed entirely, it will take some time to remove lash extensions completely.

How to Remove Lash Extension at Home?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that can help you remove lash extensions without damaging natural lashes.

Step 1: Prepare Lash Tools

What you need to remove lash extensions at home include lash tweezers, eye makeup remover, and clean water.

Step 2: Clean Lash Extensions

You can clean the lash extensions thoroughly using soap and water before removing lash extensions. The first thing is to ensure that all debris and dust are removed entirely, and your lashes are clean and tidy, get ready for the removal process.

Step 3: Remove Lash Extensions

You can gently remove lash extensions by holding the tweezer and pulling out the lash extensions at a 45-degree angle. Use the professional cream lash extension remover to clean the lash extension glue.

You have to spend much more time swiping the lash adhesive, please ensure that all lash adhesive glue is dissolved entirely, without any residual.

Step 4: Gently Pull Out Lash Extensions

Then gently pull out the lash extensions from your natural lashes, don’t be rude during the process. Eye skin is very weak, please be patient, patient, and patient~

Safest Way to Remove Lash Extensions at Home

Here are some ways that can help you remove lash extensions safely at home.

Warm Water

Please use warm water to clean your lash extensions, cold water would stimulate your eye skin to cause sensitivity. (The eye skin is much more sensitive than other skin of the body.)

And the warm water can clean the lash soap entirely without any residual, it can also soften the lash adhesive.

Cotton Swab

Don’t use your fingers to pull out your lash extensions directly, there are many germs and bacteria on your hands that could result in some infection reactions. You can the medical cotton swab to gently clean the lash glue residue.

Coconut Oil Remove Lash Extensions

You can use the coconut oil to remove lash extensions from your natural lashes, here are some reasons why:

  • Easy to find, not expensive to get
  • Gentle coconut oil is safe and healthy for the eyes
  • Rich antioxidants and fatty acids that helpful for lash treatment
  • Skin softening effect

Besides coconut oil, olive oil is also a good option for lash extension removal, plant lash extension removal is much safer and healthier than chemical.

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Final Thoughts

If you have any questions about how to remove lash extensions, please share them with us without any hesitation. Thanks for your reading and enjoy your lash extensions~

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