How to Make Lash Extensions Last Longer?

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long lasting lash extensions


As we all know lash extensions can give you a subtle natural lash look for a long time, compared with conventional strip lashes. Eyelash extensions can take up to almost 2 months with proper care, so how to make lash extensions last longer?

Why Aren’t My Lash Extensions Lasting?

lash extension falling
lash extension falling

If you’re finding that your lash extensions aren’t lasting as long as you’d like, there could be several reasons why. Here are some of the most common reasons why lash extensions don’t last:

  1. Poor aftercare: Not taking proper care of your lash extensions after they’re applied can cause them to fall out prematurely. This includes avoiding getting them wet for the first 24-48 hours, avoiding touching or rubbing your eyes, and using oil-free makeup and skincare products around the eye area.
  2. Sleeping on your stomach: Sleeping on your stomach or with your face directly on the pillow can cause your lash extensions to rub against the pillow and fall out prematurely. Try sleeping on your back or with a silk pillowcase to prevent this. 5 Essential Tips for You to Sleep with Lash Extensions
  3. Natural lash shedding: As your natural lashes shed and new ones grow in their place, your lash extensions will fall out with them. This is a natural process, but it can make your lash extensions appear less full over time.
  4. Low-quality lash extensions: Cheap or low-quality lash extensions may not be applied properly or may not adhere to your natural lashes as well, causing them to fall out more quickly.
  5. Medical conditions or medications: Certain medical conditions or medications can cause your natural lashes to become weaker or fall out more quickly, which can affect the longevity of your lash extensions.

If you’re experiencing issues with your lash extensions, it’s best to talk to your lash technician to see if they have any recommendations or solutions to help your extensions last longer. They may suggest changing your aftercare routine, using different products, or switching to a different type of lash extension.

With the right care and maintenance, you can help your lash extensions last longer and look beautiful.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

long lasting lash extensions
long lasting lash extensions

If you’re considering getting lash extensions, one of the most common questions you may have is how long they last. The answer to this question can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of lash extensions you get, your natural lash growth cycle, and how well you take care of them.

Generally speaking, lash extensions can last anywhere from two to six weeks, with most people seeing them last around four weeks. This is because the natural lash growth cycle is around four to six weeks, so as your natural lashes shed, the lash extensions will fall out with them.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last Before a Fill?

lash extension refill
lash extension refill

Lash extensions typically last between two to six weeks before a fill is needed, with most people seeing them last around four weeks. However, the exact amount of time that lash extensions last before a fill is needed can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of lash extensions you have, your natural lash growth cycle, and how well you take care of them.

If you want to extend the life of your lash extensions and minimize the need for frequent fills, it’s important to take good care of them. This includes avoiding getting them wet for the first 24-48 hours after application, avoiding touching or rubbing your eyes, and using a lash extension-safe mascara if you want to add more volume.

Additionally, avoid sleeping on your stomach or with your face directly on the pillow, as this can cause the extensions to rub against the pillow and fall out prematurely.

If you notice that your lash extensions are starting to look sparse or you can see gaps between the extensions, it’s time for a fill. It’s generally recommended to get lash fills every two to three weeks to maintain the look of your lash extensions. During a lash fill appointment, the lash technician will add new extensions to fill in any gaps and replace any extensions that have fallen out.

Keep in mind that eventually, the lash extensions will need to be removed and replaced as your natural lashes shed and new ones grow in their place. This typically happens after several fills, and it’s important to have the extensions removed by a professional to avoid damaging your natural lashes. With proper care and maintenance, however, you can enjoy beautiful lash extensions for weeks at a time.

How to Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer?

Here are some tips that you can follow to expand the duration of your lash extensions.

  • Stay away from water at least 24 hours after lash extension application;
  • Oil-free lash makeup products are preferred;
  • Don’t touch your lash extensions when you sleep;
  • Don’t do strenuous exercise to make you sweat to cause the lash adhesive glue to weaken;
  • Don’t touch or rub your lash extensions rudely;
  • Choose the proper lash extensions that are similar to your natural lashes;
  • Comb your lash extensions after washing them up;
  • Lash sealant is recommended to protect your lash extensions;
  • Use the lash products well designed for lash extensions;

You can get more lash extension aftercare tips from your lash technician after you finish the lash extension application, and the lash salon usually prepares the card to show off the lash extension care instructions to clients.

Stay Away from Water

wash your lash extension

In the first 24 hours after you complete your lash extension application, you’d better avoid water to prevent lash extensions from getting wet. This is basically important to ensure that lash extensions are settled well and that the lash adhesive glue gets dry entirely.

After this procedure, you can go swimming, take a shower, and do other things that will make lash extensions wet.

Avoid Using Waterproof Lash Products

Please don’t choose waterproof lash products for lash extensions, such as mascara, eyeliner, etc, because all of these waterproof lash makeup products should be removed every day, and the makeup remover could do some damage to loosen the lash adhesive.

Oil-Free Lash Products Are Better

And the oil in the lash makeup products ingredient is also harmful to the lash extensions, you can choose oil-free lash products to protect your lash extensions to make them last longer.

Right Sleeping Gesture

sleep with lashes on
sleep with lashes on

You’d sleep on your back to avoid damaging your lash extensions. If you sleep with the gesture that faces your pillow will hurt your lash extensions strongly, so please pay more attention to your sleeping gesture. What’s more, proper sleeping gesture is also good for your health.

Gently Wash Your Face

Don’t be rube about washing your face, to avoid pulling out your lash extensions by mistake. Be gentle, and patient. Also, choose a gentle facial cleanser or skin care product to prevent hurting lash extensions.

Wash Lash Extensions Regularly

Please keep your lash extensions clean and tidy all the time, you can use the lash shampoo to wash your lash extensions regularly, to prevent them from getting clumped. Use the lash comb to brush your lash extensions to make them fluent all the time.

How often can you wash your lash extensions? Wash your lash extensions every day, and twice a day, in the morning and evening routine is also recommended for your lash extension cleaning. Don’t overdo it.

Don’t forget to use the cotton swab or Q-tips to adsorb the extra water to make your lash extensions dry after washing them off.

Choose the Right Lash Extensions

choose right lash extensions.

It is the most important factor to ensure lash extensions can stay longer is to choose the best lash extensions, here are some tips that can help.

  • Similar to your natural lashes;
  • Not too long lash extensions
  • Not too dramatic
  • Light and soft lash extensions are much better

Avoid selecting too thicker lash extensions, improper lash extension diameter can cause extra weight, resulting in potential harm to your lash extensions. And you will feel uncomfortable if you choose the thicker and heavier lash extensions.

Please consult your lash technician to get the best lash extension solution to achieve a perfect lash look. Keep in your mind that, too long lash extensions will last less on your lashes.

Lash Sealant

It is critical to apply some lash sealant to form a protective barrier, which can make your lash extensions last longer on your natural lashes. Lash sealant can give a protective layer to prevent dust, debris, and other pollutions that could do damage to lash extensions.


The best way to protect your lash extensions is to follow strictly the lash extension aftercare instructions, don’t be shy to ask for recommendations from your lash technicians if you are a lash starter.

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