What Are W Lashes?

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Hey, lash lovers, let’s briefly talk about the W lashes. Let’s get started~

What Are W Lashes?

w shaped lashes

W lashes are the latest lash extensions nowadays, which are new to the lash industry in 2019. This type of lash extension is a newly published lash extension in the market.

W Lash Extensions Vs Classic

w lashes vs classic lashes

Here you can see the comparison of the W shaped lash extensions and classic lash extensions, a W shaped lash extension fanning consists of 3 classic lashes.

W shaped lash extensions can be used to create a much fluffier, thicker lash look, so that W lashes are suitable for those clients who prefer the edgy volume effect.

W Lash Extensions Vs YY Lash Extensions

w lashes vs yy lashes

YY lashes are designed with “Y” shaped lash fan, you can see the difference between Y shaped lash extensions and W shaped lash extensions.

Both of them can be manufactured with long stems, to make it easier for you to dip them in the lash adhesive glue. Read What Are Short Stem Lashes? Long Stem VS Short Stem Lashes to get more detailed information about long stem lashes.

3D W Lash Extensions Vs 4D W Lash Extensions

Similarly, W lash extensions also can be designed with 3D, 4D

3D W Shaped Lash Extensions

3D W shaped lash extensions consist of three classic lashes.

4D W Shaped Lash Extensions

4D W shaped lash extensions consist of four classic lashes.

5D W Shaped Lash Extensions

D W shaped lash extensions consist of four classic lashes.

4D W lash extensions are much fluffier and fuller than 3D W lash extensions, you can select the one according to your preference, personality, and occasions.

Pros of W Shaped Lash Extensions

Here are many advantages of W shaped lash extensions in the following:

  • Triple lash extensions can add much volume to the lash extension set, you will get a fluffier lash look. One W shaped lash can be equivalent to three classic lashes.
  • 3D W shaped lashes have a silky, soft texture, manufactured with a darker finish. These are the best lashes for you if you prefer much more dramatic lash styles.
  • W lash extensions are handmade using hypoallergic, synthetic polymers, and also springy micro fibers. All of the raw materials can give a natural look to the W lash extensions.
  • It is much easier for you to apply and remove W shaped lashes, you can get into W lashes application skills if you are willing to be certificated lash technician.
  • 100% vegan W eyelash extensions are safe and healthy, also comfortable to wear, without any harms to your natural lashes.

How to Pick W Shaped Lashes?

how to pick up w lashes

It is also quite easy for you to pick up the W shaped lashes. You can use the tweezer to grab W lash extensions halfway, placed between the top and the bottom of the W lash extensions.

Final Thoughts

I do believe that you will get a deeper understanding of W shaped lashes, and please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about these cute W lash extensions. Welcome to ask for the free catalog to order the premium W lash extensions for your lash business.

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