Heat Bonded Premade Lashes

Heat bonded premade lash fans are trending premade lash extensions in the lash market, this set of heat bonded premade lashes consists of 60 lash clusters.

Feature Highlights

HeyMe Lashes is the leading lash manufacturer in China, providing all types of premade lash fans, varied in lengths, curls, thicknesses and etc

  • Lightweight: Heat bonded premade lashes are super lightweight compared with glue bonded premade lashes because it doesn’t need to lash adhesive to be attached to the natural lashes of your clients.
  • Varied Lengths: As a lash vendor, we can manufacture the heat bonded lashes with all lengths, from 7mm to 25mm, you can choose any lengths you desire for your lash business. And different lengths can be mixed in one lash extension tray, to meet different requirements.
  • Competitive Price: We are a leading lash factory so you can import premium qualified heat-bonded premade lashes with lower budget compared with the local stores in your country.
  • Private Label: We support to customize the heat bonded lashes for your lash brand, to print your private label on the lash packaging.

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