Glitter Lash Extensions: The Complete Guide 2022

silver glitter lash extensions

Silver Glitter Lash Extensions

Are you looking for the glitter lash extensions? These silver glitter lash extensions are super shinning, fashionable for you to silver glitter lash look. Different curls are provided, including D curl, C curls and etc, and also different lengths. Glitter lash extensions are the trending false lashes, these are popular in the lash bar or beauty salon. 

glitter volume lashes

Glitter Volume Lashes

Glitter volume lashes are the popular lashes in the lash bar & beauty salon, here we supply wholesale glitter volume lashes. Varied in different volumes, for different styles of lash look. The lash tape is easy to tear, and remove from the bottom line. We can print your lash logo on the storage paper. Suitable for small lash business owners, with very low MOQ.

rainbow colored glitter lash extensions

Rainbow Colored Glitter Lash Extensions

Lash extensions can be designed with the rainbow colors, and these rainbow colored glitter lash extensions are super fashionable. If you were a lash artist, and I do promise that you will love these shinning glitter lash extensions. Here we have wholesale glitter colored lash extensions that you can get at affordable prices. 

color glitter individual lash extensions

Color Glitter Individual Lash Extensions

These lash extensions are made of Korean PBT fiber, super soft and lightweight. We use the biodegradable glitter to make these color glitter individual lash extensions. Perfect for lash addicts to make stunning colored lash look, and you can enjoy colored individual lash extensions do it yourself. We accept customized eyelash packaging to print your private label on the background paper of the lash tray. 

glitter lash extension tray

Smooth Colored Glitter Lash Extension Tray

Do you want to enhance your lash extensions to the next level? This color glitter lash extension tray can meet your desire. You can pick up some glitter lash spikes to add to your lash ends, then you will  get stunning glitter false lashes. 100% smooth PBT hair is super soft. You can recommend this glitter lash tray to your clients, to achieve the stunning lash look.  Welcome to contact us at any time. 

Glitter Lashes Add-On

Glitter Lashes Add-On

These glitter lashes add-on are super beautiful, and you can pick some single lashes to add to your regular false lashes. I do believe these glitter rainbow lashes can make your lashes look gorgeous. Here we have different colors, lengths, and curls, that can be mixed together with other specifications. You can wear these glitter lashes for Christmas, New Years, Weddings or any happy days! 

custom glitter lash extensions

Custom Colored Glitter Volume Lash Extensions

We provide customized glitter colored lash extensions, to meet your different requirements, including different colors (single color and mix colors), curls ( C curl, D curl, L curl and etc), diameters and so on. We can customize the lash tray case for your lash extension storage. To print your eyelash logo on the background paper put in the lash tray. 

glitter lash extension trays

Mixed Color Glitter Lash Extension Trays

We provide the mixed color glitter lash extension trays, and you can choose many different colors you like. We can mix them together to meet your desire, and the glitter is shinning and sparkling. Welcome to contact us at any time to ask for the color lash extension tray now. 

silver glitter lash extension tray

Silver Glitter Lash Extension Trays

We offer the single colored glitter lash extensions for your requirement, and the silver glitter lash extension tray is fashionable, you can use the silver lash spikes to decorate your natural lash extensions as the “Spike” to be more charming than ever before. 

glitter volume lash extension

Glitter Volume Lash Extensions

The 10D volume lash extensions (consisting 10 lashes for each single lash fan) can be designed with glitter, to enhance your normal lash look to the next level. Glitter volume lash extensions are super fashionable, that can help you get a glam lash effect. You can order the colored premade lash fans now.

2d glitter lash extensions

2D Glitter Lash Extension Tray

This 2D (consisting 2 lashes on one single lash fan) glitter lash extension tray is super fantastic for your lash enhancement. Different colors, lengths, and curls are provided to satisfy your requirement. You can choose this set if you prefer gold glitter lash extensions. 

Customized Glitter Lash Extensions

We provide customized glitter lash extensions, and this is the design template that we can offer. 

This is how we can customize your lash extension storage card. 

  • We can print your lash logo on the top of the lash tray. 
  • Flexible to choose how many rows of glitter lash extensions you want in one lash tray. Here we have 10 rows, 12 rows, 15 rows and etc. 
  • Color: You can choose your favorite color of the lash extension strip paper. 
  • We can print your website link at the bottom of the storage card. 
  • Flexible to mix different lengths, curls of glitter lash extensions in the one tray. 

If you have any other requirements about the glitter lash extensions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Customized Glitter Lash Plastic Box

lash extension case

We also provide the color coated plastic box to store your lash extensions, here are different colors for your selections. We have professional designer team to work out the design templates for the customized storage paper. Different colors, design patterns for you. 

The plastic boxes are the container where lash extensions are stored, with the background paper at the bottom. And then place the lash extension rows on the background paper. Different colors, sizes, and surfaces are available for you to choose. 

So welcome to contact us at any time if you need to customize the glitter lash extensions, a complete lash extension kit, including outer plastic box, background paper, lash extensions, and etc. All things can be well done, we have a complete lash extension solution for your lash business. 

Besides glitter lash extensions, we also have glitter strip lashes

FAQ Guide

Here is the FAQ guide about the glitter lash extensions, that you can take a look to get more detailed about the glitter lashes extensions.

The glitter lash extensions, also called glitter lash extension trays, are the regular lash extensions that are adhered with the sparkling lash extension glitter, you can get the glitter lash extensions to create an incredibly beautiful lash look. So you that you can have the glitter lash extensions applied for your special events, such as Christmas party, Halloween party, dancing party, banquet and etc. You can choose the highly reflective lash extension glitter glitter to enhance your lash effect to be sparkling. 

Of course, glitter lashes extensions for your makeup look. You can use the glitter lash extension trays create an exceptionally beautiful colored eye makeup effect. 

Here we offer the premium lash extensions, that are made of synthetic fibers, silk, Korean PBT and faux mink hair. All of these raw materials are safe and healthy for people’s life, and at the same time, our lash adhesive glue for bonding lash extensions is also made of natural ingredients. So no worries about the lash extension safety, all lash extensions are safe for your lash look. 

And finally, the lash extension glitter is specially formulated to be applied to the lash extensions, and the glitter is made of Cosmetic Grade ingredients, to ensure the safety and health. Stunning lash extension glitter can pop up your lashes extensions to become much more beautiful in the audience. 

Of course, we have the mixed color glitter lash extensions for your lash look. You can choose multiple rows of the glitter lash extension trays that glittered with different colors. You can choose your desire colors from our current colored lash extension catalog, and please don’t be afraid to ask for the free catalog to get your desired colors. Single colored lash extensions and multiple colored lash extensions are both provided in our lash extension manufacturer

The glitter lash extensions can last 5~10 days on your natural lashes without fading. The exquisite lash extension glitter can deliver an intense shine and sparkle for regular lash extension enhancement. The flat lash extensions and volume lash extensions, they can be both customized with the glitter powder. The glitter lash extensions can bling your lash look, to pop up your eye makeup to the largest extend. 

All of our glitter lashes extensions are decorated with the biodegradable glitter so glitter lash extensions are safe and healthy, and you guys can use the glitter lash extensions to decorate your regular lash extensions, yes, you can use them as the “spikes” to improve your regular lash look to the next level. 

And also you can go to the lash salon to find an experienced lash technician to help you with the full set glitter lash extensions, in this way, can you get a charming glitter lash effect after 1~2 hours application. I do believe this method needs the advanced professional skills, so that you have to find a lash expert to help you, rather do it yourself at home. 

What’s more, you can purchase the lash extension glitter from the drugstore, to create some glitter lashes extension spikes. You can dip the lash fan tips into the biodegradable glitter powder to create sparkling glitter lashes, then apply them in the proper position on your regular extensions lashes. Boom~ You achieve the unique lash extensions with glitter.