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Here are many different volumes for lash extensions, and have you heard of the mega volume lash extensions?

Today I am happy to share with you all things about the mega volume lash extensions.

What Are Volume Lash Extensions?

Compared with classic lash extensions, volume lash extensions are much thicker, darker, more dramatic and etc, and volume lash extensions require more lash hair fibers.

What Are Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

Mega volume lash extensions are the advanced version of volume lash extensions, which are extra dramatic, thick and long.

Compared with other types of lash extensions, mega volume lash extensions can give you an ultra-dramatic lash look, and you can get very long lashes. You can get a full set of mega lash extensions, to achieve a stunningly dramatic lash style for your makeup look.

Our lash extensions mega volume are made of lightweight lashes, rather than Russian styles. And you can find an experienced lash artist to create bigger individual lashes for you to get a fluffier lash look.

You can get a big change between before and after mega volume lash extensions, and your lashes will get much thicker, fluffier, flattery, more voluminous, and more dramatic.

Mega Volume Lash Extension Description

Mega volume lash extensions are much lighter but with an ultra-dramatic lash look, light-weight like the feather, and also fluffy. Mega volume eyelash extensions can help you get the maximum lash density to enhance your lashes, to look darker and deeper.

The lash extensions, designed with the round root, 0.1mm thickness, can be called mega volume lash extensions. And mega volume eyelash extensions include YY lashes, round lashes, volume fans and etc.

What Are Mega Volume Lash Extensions Made of?

Here are many different styles of lash extensions, and mega volume lash extensions are popular in the lash industry. So lash extensions mega volume can be made of Silk fiber, Cashmere, Korean PBT, and even faux mink.

It’s flexible for you to choose your desired mega volume lashes, and raw material can determine the mega volume hair extension texture. Faux mink mega volume lash extensions are the softest lash extensions, super similar to real human hair, and much more natural and lightweight.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions Price

How much do mega volume lashes cost? The mega volume lash extensions price can be determined by their raw material, manufacturing techniques and etc.

Mega volume lash extensions include many different types of lash extensions that are designed with the mega volume, so the price is also different based on the lash extension.

The extract mega volume lash extension price is depending on the type of lash extensions you use, and how many lash extensions you need for a full set of lash extensions.

If you need to do the mega volume lash extensions in a lash salon, an experienced lash artist is much more expensive to give you a perfect lash effect.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to ask for the detailed pricing list to quote your desired mega volume lash extensions.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions Mapping

Do you know something basically about lash mapping?

When it comes to the lash extension application, lash mapping comes first. For the lash techniques, lash mapping is the must-have skill for the lash extension application.

The mega volume lash mapping can help your clients get their desired lash look, with the help of the magic mega volume lash map.

Mega volume lash extension mapping can guide how to do lash extensions to achieve the desired lash style, it is the mathematics of dividing the eye into various zones to determine the length of the mega lash extensions needed for each section.

If your clients want a cat eye mega volume lash set, the lash mapping can help you how to locate the lash extensions and what lengths are needed for each zone. 

How Long Do Mega Volume Lashes Last?

Compared with traditional strip lashes, lash extensions are semi-permanent lashes, that can last up to several weeks.

Our mega volume lash extensions can last 2~3 weeks before the next fill. Based on the lash extension density, your mega volume lash extensions can last up to 4 weeks, and also the duration depends on your real lash growth cycle.

It’s a good time to refill your mega lash extensions if you find your real lashes grow longer and false lashes are falling out.

How Often Should I Get a Fill for Mega Volume Lashes?

That depends. It’s time to refill your mega lash extensions when you find that your mega eyelash extensions are falling out.

As we all know that all lashes have a natural growth cycle, and you can refill your mega lashes every 2~3 weeks to make your mega lash set looks full and complete.

Mega lash extensions are semi-permanent false lashes, that can last up to weeks, and your mega lash extensions can stay on your eyes much longer if with proper care.

And you need to find an experienced lash technique to fill the lash extension lash look for you.

 What Is the Difference Between Volume & Mega Volumes Lashes?

Mega volume extension lashes are much darker, thicker, and more dramatic than regular volume lashes. Mega volume lashes are much more voluminous, a full set of mega volume lash extensions is the secret weapon to enhance your lashes to look much fuller, fluffier and thicker.

Mega volume lashes and volume lashes differ in the number of false lashes used to form the lash fan, as well as the diameter of these lashes. Volume lashes are composed of 2 to 5 extensions, each with a diameter of 0.05 to 0.07 mm, while mega volume lashes use 6 to 16 extensions, with diameters ranging from 0.03 to 0.05 mm.

How Long Do Mega Volume Lash Extensions Take?

Here, I don’t recommend that you do the mega volume lash extension application at home if you are an expert in doing lash extensions. You’d better look for a professional lash salon to find a reliable lash artist to help achieve the mega lash extensions application.

Regularly, a full set of the mega lash extension application can take up to 3~4 hours approximately. You can make an appointment with the lash techniques in advance, and the mega lash mapping can also determine how long your mega lash extensions will take.

Here we can provide the premium lash bond too to ensure that your mega lash extensions can be customized well to help you get your desired lash style.

Wispy Mega Volume Lash Extensions

To improve your mega lash beauty, you can also try on wispy mega volume lash extensions. Wispy mega lash extensions are combined with different styles of the lash extensions, such as classic, volume, and hybrid lashes.

Wispy mega volume lashes are designed with regular lash spikes and a lush appearance. Helpful for you to get a natural-looking lash effect, more vivid than the dramatic lash style.

When it comes to wispy lash extensions, you can choose any styles you want to fit your eye shape. Wispy mega volume lash extension is one of the most popular styles that you can follow the trend to become much more fashionable. A lot of celebrities love these charming mega lash extensions to enhance their lash look.

Who Can Apply Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

Mega volume lash extensions are perfect for those clients who like the lash look with the extra fluffiness. You can recommend these mega-volume eyelash extensions to those who prefer the ultra-dramatic lash styles, rather than the supernatural lash effect.

It is noted that not every single lash can shoulder the mega volume lash extension, you need to do the test before applying the mega lash extensions for your clients. Strong original lashes are much better to be bonded with the mega lash extensions, to make them adhere well without any gaps.

It is basically important to talk about the details of the before and after of the mega volume lash extension application. To ensure that if your clients can do the mega lash extensions without any potential allergic problems.

How To Calculate Volume Lash Extension Weight?

lash extension weight

To achieve the appropriate weight for a volume lash fan, it is essential to control two significant variables:

  1. The number of extensions used to create the fan, also known as “D” for dimension.
  2. The diameter of the extensions used to create the fan.

The weight of the volume fan that healthy and thick natural lashes can handle is higher than that of thin natural lashes. Therefore, maintaining healthy lashes should always be the top priority.

For example, a client with robust natural lashes can tolerate 0.15 mm diameter classic extensions (only one extension per natural lash). Based on this, the same client can handle the following volume fans:

  • Up to 3D volume fans using 0.07 mm diameter extensions.
  • Up to 7D volume fans using 0.05 mm diameter extensions.
  • Up to 12D volume fans using 0.03 mm diameter extensions.

Are Mega Volume Lashes Safe?

mega volume lash look

Yes, of course, mega volume lashes are safe, but they are much more complicated than regular lash extensions.

Achieving a safe and optimal weight for mega volume lashes demands a high level of expertise and experience, it is basically important to ensure that the natural lashes can bear the weight of the extensions.

Certainly! When a certified and trained lash technician applies them, mega volume lashes can be safe. The critical factor is to ensure that the extensions are not too heavy or thick, which could lead to harm to the natural lashes. For this reason, mega volume fans use thinner diameter extensions than classic lashes.

Strong natural lashes are necessary to support the weight of mega volume lashes, and not all clients can withstand this weight. So the experienced lash technician can test the quality of clients’ real lashes to see if they can withstand the mega lash extensions.

The “volume fan weight calculation” is important for creating the appropriate fan, that requires a delicate balance between dimension, diameter, and length. Lash Extension Length Guide for Your Desired Lash Extension Lengths

Additionally, to ensure the safety of the client, the application of mega volume lashes must be perfect.

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If you have questions about the mega volume lash extensions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Welcome to ask for the lash catalog if you are aiming to start your lash business.

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