Wispy Lash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide to Wispy Lash Extensions for Lash Beginners

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wispy eyelash extensions


When it comes to lash extension styles, the one popular we have to mention is wispy lash extensions. This is the ultimate guide to wispy lash extensions. Here we go.

What Are Wispy Lash Extensions

wispy lash extensions
wispy lash extensions

Wispy lash extension is one of the most popular lash extension styles, inspired by the famous celebrity Kim Kardashian, so also named Kim K lashes.

Wispy Lashes VS Regular

Wispy lash extensions are designed with a fluffy appearance with noticeable lash spikes, to achieve a natural lash look for you.

wispy lash extension spikes

You can see that there are some longer lash spikes in this full set of lash extensions, which is the main feature that differs from other types of lash extensions.

In a word, the wispy lash extension can give you a feathery and fine lash look, and you can also apply the mascara to make them much more dramatic. BUT, please ensure that your mascara is not clumpy. Wispy lashes are much more fun compared with regular lashes, and they can be considered if you prefer a special and unique lask look for some themed occasions.

How to Create Wispy Lash Extensions?

It is tricky to achieve a wispy lash extension style, and you need to find an experienced lash artist to help you achieve the lash look.

Here are some steps that you can follow to get the charming wispy lash effect, and I do believe that your clients will love this so much.

Step 1: Prepare Lash Extensions

First things first, you need to prepare premium lash extensions with high quality.  We provide the best lash extensions made of different raw materials, including silk fiber, Korean PBT, faux mink hair and etc. Top-rated raw materials can determine the lash extension quality from the root.

Step 2: Clean Real Lashes

Then don’t forget to clean the natural lashes, to remove any dirt, dust, makeup and other leftover on the lashes. You can use the makeup remover with excellent humidity to keep your clients’ eyelashes comfortable and soft.

Step 3: Lash Extension Mapping

The lash extension mapping is the guide to tell you how and where to adhere the lash extension hair to natural lash hairs. The lash extension map can determine where to place the lash extension spikes to create a full lash extension set.

You can prepare some popular lash extension mapping in your lash bar for your clients to choose from, and wispy lash extension mapping is the most popular for lash beauty, which can be widely applied for most people.

You can locate the lash spikes (much longer than regular volume lash fans) to create fluffy lash extensions with a wispy style.

A wispy lash extension map is basically important for you to achieve wispy full lash extensions, and you can prepare some trending wispy lash extension mapping for your clients to select.

Step 4: Apply Wispy Lash Extensions

All things prepared, it’s time to apply for the wispy lash extensions. I do recommend that you can put the lash extension mapping under the lash line before you adhere to the lash extensions for your clients. The lash map is a good guide to tell you where to apply the lash extension spikes.

Starting from the outer corner of the eye, pick up a lash spike using the tweezer. Then dip the base of the wispy lash extensions in lash extension adhesive glue and apply it to natural lashes before it cures.

Finally, don’t forget to treat your wispy volume lashes carefully, to ensure your lash extensions can stay up longer.

Popular Wispy Lash Extension Styles

Here are many different styles of lash extensions that you can choose from, this is some inspiration that can help you.

Natural Wispy Lash Extensions

The natural wispy lash extensions are most popular for most people, without any limitations, and you can have natural lash extensions wispy for any occasion, no matter where you go.

So what lash extensions look the most natural? You can achieve the most natural lash extensions with the volume lash fans. You can pick up the thicker and smaller lash fans to get the natural effect.

It is not difficult to choose a natural lash set, to choose the proper length, curl, diameter, and also natural color. Then decide what raw materials your desired lash extensions are made of, in fact, faux mink lash extensions are the most natural, due to the similar texture to human hair.

Wispy natural lash extensions are perfect for your daily life looks and stick with the natural lash look, it is simple to match any style of your makeup. And you can also recommend some regular colors to achieve the most natural wispy lash extensions.

A good combination of factors including length, curl, diameter, and color can work well for the natural lash effect.

And short wispy lash extensions are natural, and suitable for your daily lash look, even in business days. You’d better choose the light wispy lashes extensions if you are still a student, or you work in an office. Natural wispy lash extensions are not that eye-catching in the audience.

Classic Wispy Lash Extensions

Wispy classic lash extensions are combined with individual lash extensions with different lengths, to look fluffy and feathery, and also add some volume to your natural lashes. Classic wispy lash extensions are also a good option for you to level up your lash effect.

We have the best semi-permanent lash extensions for you to give you the best lash extension styles to fit your makeup effect. Classic wispy eyelash extensions can be made with more density, more volume, and more fluffiness. An experienced lash artist will develop new lash styles and never stop creating to create something that is new and fashionable.

Your lash makeup look can stand out in the audience if you choose the classic wispy lash extensions full set to refill your natural lashes. Wispy classic lash extensions are designed with stunningly noticeable lash spikes, to enlarge your eyes to become more charming and sexy like the doll.

Hybrid Wispy Lash Extensions

hybrid wispy lash extension.

Hybrid wispy lash extensions are the hybrid lash extensions applied with the wispy style, to show off the wispy lash extension style.

A hybrid lash extension mapping can determine where to apply the highest points, yes, the lash spikes on a certain section of full set lash extensions.

Wispy Volume Lash Extensions

The wispy volume lash extensions are volume lash extensions with a wispy style, and

Wispy Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Wispy Mega Volume Lash Extensions

The wispy mega volume lash extensions look much fluffier, more dramatic, and thicker, this style of lash extensions wispy is suitable for those clients who prefer a dramatic lash look.

And mega volume wispy lashes are not suitable for students, because of their dramatic appearance. Wispy dramatic lash extensions get ready for themed occasions, such as Halloween parties, Christmas events, dancing parties and etc.

Wispy Cat Eye Lash Extensions

classic wispy cat eye lash extensions

The wispy cat eye lash extensions are cute and sexy and are super popular on Instagram, and classic wispy cat eye lash extensions are the best option for daily lash look. I do believe you can love this style of lash extensions!

Wispy Wet Look Lash Extensions

wet look wispy lash extensions

The wispy wet look lash extensions are also trending nowadays, and you can try the wet-look wispy lash extensions to experience something new in lash beauty.

Here you can use the lash map to try to create the wet look lash extensions with a wispy appearance, and you can enjoy this natural wet look lash style on your eyes.

How Long Do Wispy Lash Extensions Last?

lash growth cycle

Your wispy lash extensions can last between 3~4 weeks with your proper care, and they will gradually fall out with your natural lashes.


If you have questions about the wispy lash extensions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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