Lash Mites: All Truths About Eyelash Mites

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Have you experienced lash extension burning? You would suffer from an itchy sensation overall on your lash line if fail the lash extension application. Today let’s talk about lash mites.

What Are Lash Mites?

pictures of demodex mites on humans

Mites are living on human skin, they are very tiny, and we can’t see them only using our eyes. 97% of adults have Demodex mites folliculitis, and they can eat dust, dirt, oils in skin.

lash mites and eyelash extensions

If you are a lash technician, or you usually do lash extensions, you might hear of the lash mites, these are lash bugs. Lash mites are living in eyelids, nothing different from the mites in other skin.

The lash mites can eat dirt, dust, and oils around your eye skin. But too many lash mites are the chief culprit to making your lashes fall out from your eyelids, even your lashes will fall out permanently.

How Do You Know if You Have Eyelash Mites?

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The lash mites will get overcrowded on your lash line if there exist too many mites, which can cause lash hair loss to fall out from your eyelids.

Here are some eyelash mites symptoms.

  • Mild Lash Mites: At this stage, lash mites are invisible, you can’t notice them, and they are harmless, without any damage to your lash extensions. You can’t feel their existence.
  • Moderate Lash Mites: You will feel itchy around your eyes if there are many lash mites on your eyelids, you will feel not comfortable. The redness and swelling will happen on your eyelids.
  • Advanced Lash Mites: This is a serious problem for your eye skin health, you will feel the burning sensation around your eyelids. At this stage, you’d better go to a doctor to find a way to get rid of the eyelash mites.

You can search for some eyelash mites pictures to see if you are suffering from lash mites. And of course, you can consult your lash technician to make sure according to your symptoms, and they can give you advice on how to get rid of eyelash extension mites.

Are Lash Mites Bad?

In fact, the lash mites are harmless if they are small numbers, but they will cause lash falling out problems if they reach a certain amount. Too many lash mites will break the lash follicles, and even your real lashes will fall out permanently.

Most people have lash mites, but they are not noticeable, your lashes can grow in a healthy condition. You will feel itchy and uncomfortable if the lash bugs have a big population living on your eyelids.

Too many lash mites can result in blepharitis lash extensions, so you need to treat them seriously if you find you are suffering from some discomfort caused by the lash mites.

How to Get Rid of Lash Mites?

You need to learn how to get rid of lash mites if you are suffering from mites in lashes.

The best way for you to prevent lash mites is to wash your face carefully because they eat dirt and oils. The makeup residue can create advantageous conditions for lash mites to live, so please remove your makeup entirely before you go to bed.

Here you can use the professional lash extension cleaner to wash your lash extensions and keep your lash extensions clean and dry all the time. Lash Extension Aftercare: How to Take Care of Lash Extensions?

Lash Shampoo to Kill Lash Mites

The lash shampoo is the best way to wash your lash extensions, and please avoid the oil-based lash shampoo that will could dissolve lash adhesive to cause the lash to fall out.

You can use the amount of lash shampoo to wet the soft lash brush, and then comb your lash extensions carefully. And lash mites don’t have a place to live if your lash extensions are smooth and dry.

Lash Mites FAQ

Can You Feel Demodex Mites Crawling

No, you can’t feel lash mites crawling on your lash line, because they are tiny, and you can’t see them with the naked eye. And they do not bite your skin.

Does Everyone Have Lash Mites?

Yes, everyone has Demodex mites eyelashes, but these lash mites are not harmful to your health; they will cause lash falling problems if they are too many on your lash line.

Best Eyelash Mite Treatment

You can get the eyelash mite treatment to prevent lash mites and to keep your lash extensions dry and clean all the time. Poor hygiene can provide advantageous conditions to help lash mites reproduce.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that most people can’t feel lash mites, and the best way for you to prevent eyelash mites is to keep your lashes clean and healthy. Poor hygiene can cause scary lash mites, please regularly wash your lash extensions.

Please feel free to consult your experienced lash technician if you have questions about the lash mites, and please learn some basics about the eyelash mites treatment if you were a lash technician.

Enjoy your happy lash extensions without harming lash mites~

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