Rainbow Lash Extensions: The Complete Guide 2023

rainbow lash extension

Luxury Rainbow Lash Extensions

Are you looking for the rainbow lash extensions to pop your lash look? Here we can provide incredibly beautiful rainbow lash extensions to enhance your daily makeup routine. You can import the premium Korean PBT rainbow lash extensions for your lash salon. Quote now to get a lash catalog. 

rainbow lash extension tray

6 Color Rainbow Lash Extensions

This is 6-color rainbow lash extension tray, mixing 6 beautiful colors. Flexible for you to choose your desired color lash extensions. Different lengths, curls, diameters are provided according to your requirement, and we can customize your private label for your lash business. 

Gradient Rainbow Lash Extensions

The gradient colored rainbow lash extensions are trending in the lash market, used to achieve a lash look. The gradient color lash extensions are charming, the secret weapon to boom your lash look to the next level. Welcome to contact us at any time if you require. 

navy blue lash extensions

Blue Rainbow Lash Extensions

This set of rainbow lash extensions are inspired by blue sea, different blue shades to dye lash extensions to show inspiring colors. Different lengths, diameters are provided to meet your requirement in your lash beauty salon. For more colors, please feel to quote us now. 

pink rainbow lash extensions

Wholesale Individual Rainbow Lashes

The individual rainbow lashes are made of premium Korean PBT fibers, super comfortable and soft to wear. Designed with the slighter taper, pre-glued, easy to install. Different lengths, curls, colors, diameters to provide to meet your requirement. 

bright rainbow lash extensions

Bright Rainbow Lash Extensions

Are you looking for the glam rainbow lash extensions for your clients, and this set of rainbow fake lashes consist 5 different colors, you can import them for lash extension installation. Made of Korean PBT material, these rainbow lashes are comfortable to wear, to achieve a feathery lash look. 

custom rainbow lash extensions

Custom Rainbow Lash Extensions

As a leading lash manufacturer in China, we have the ability to provide the premium rainbow lash extensions. You can get beautiful rainbow lash extensions, with different lengths, curls, diameters, for your private label lash business. For more detailed info, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

soft rainbow eyelash extensions

Soft Rainbow Eyelash Extensions

Our manufactured rainbow eyelash extensions are healthy, made of soft Korean PBT fibers, silk fibers and other environmentally-friendly raw materials. Rainbow eyelash extensions can mix different colors to meet your requirement. 

glitter rainbow lash extensions

Glitter Rainbow Lash Extensions

The rainbow lash extensions can also be added glitter powder, to achieve the glitter rainbow lash extensions. Glitter can add much glam to the regular colored rainbow lashes, to enhance the beauty to the next level. You can contact us now if you prefer glitter lash extensions