Luxury Ombre Lash Extensions to Enhance Your Lash Beauty

Are you still looking for the Ombre lash extensions for your lash business? Here we are one of the best lash extension suppliers to provide you the qualified colored Ombre lash extensions, with different color shades, lengths, curls and diameters. Welcome to contact us now to get your desired colorful Ombre lash extensions. 

purple ombre lash extensions

24/7 Online Support

HeyMe Lashes is always support your local lash business, to give you the best lash solutions.

Competitive Price

You can get better eyelash extensions at lower prices, to reduce your cost of importing lashes.

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Long-term cooperation with FedEx, UPS, DHL shipping, to provide your safe and fast shipping.

blue ombre lash extensions

Colored Ombre Lash Extensions

Ombre lash extensions are two color lash extensions, added the bright color on the tip of the lash extension hair. The deep black lash extensions are blended with purple, blue, red, pink tip to achieve the perfect Ombre lash look. Can give a subtle charming effect for lash addicted. 

Easy to Tear off

Our Ombre lash extensions are foiled with the Aluminum foil strips, make it easy for you to tear off using the tweezer. Foil strips are super important to keep Ombre lashes extensions clean and tidy all the time. 

easy tear ombre lash extensions